The absolute worst food day ever

Let me put it this way – you wouldn’t ask a recovering drug addict to sort your medicine cabinet, or put an alcoholic in charge of buying the beer… But NOBODY has any issues with asking the food-a-holic to clean out the fridge and buy the groceries…  This day did not go well for my diet – I cheated with skittles two nights ago, I had ice cream last night, and today was a disaster… So… I QUIT… AGAIN.

ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! I know that I can’t quit but I am a food-a-holic and today I put myself in an impossible situation. I was good all last week eating pre-made meals from a frozen dinner diet plan that Stephanie was on a month or so ago. She quit when she got pregnant and so we had a week and a half of meals just frozen in the fridge. So… all the left over food from Thanksgiving that I would have eaten last week went bad.

Tomorrow is trash pickup, so today I cleaned out all the bad food… which put me in the bad situation – No, I didn’t eat 13 day old turkey – but since Stephanie is pregnant, she can’t eat most of the food that we normally eat and there were a lot things that will go bad in the next week because no one is eating them…

I’m sure you can see where this is going… I cheated today in spades. I didn’t keep a journal, I didn’t count calories, I just didn’t care. Today was a dark day.  (this is the part where you are supportive, but without condoning my actions).