A Simple Breathing Technique That Will Make You FAT

On Monday, I picked up the book “I Can Make You Thin” at Barnes and Noble – it was $19 instead of $13 like it is online.  After reading the first 15 pages, I went to bed.  Tuesday morning rolls in and I have to apply the principles of this book.  Eat whatever I want, Only eat when I’m hungry, Stop eating when I’m full.  There are four basic principles but I haven’t gotten there in the book yet.

For breakfast I had a bowl of oatmeal with apples, raisins, and brown sugar.  I’ve eaten this same breakfast many times although I wouldn’t say so often as to call it a habit.  On a normal day, I finish off the entire bowl, think about a buying more but decide better of it and go back to work.  Today, I asked myself after each bite if I was full.  When I felt the answer was yes, I stopped eating.

Maybe it is the novelty of the idea or even a placebo effect but I was less than half way through when I stopped eating.  I grew up with less than wealthy parents and was taught not to throw away food – a principle I have lived by my whole life, evident by my waist line!  This time however I threw away the ‘extra’ food.

To my surprise, lunch was more of the same.  I ordered a chicken salad and only got through a quarter of it.  My wife suggested that I should have asked to take the rest home so that I would have been able to have it for dinner.  I wish I had thought of that at the time, but I was so taken back by the idea that I was ‘full’ after only a small portion of what I normally consume, that I never give it a thought.

I was running late to my evening workout session and so I grabbed fast food on the way (oxymoronic at best, right?).  I ordered the three mini-burger meal from with small fries and a small diet coke.  I ate one mini burger… and was full!  I never touched the fries or the other two sandwiches.

What is going on here?  Am I experiencing some sort of suggestive reaction to the idea that I am ‘full’ after such small portions?  Or am I actually full?  Is this just the novelty of the program or is this a sustainable lifestyle?

I don’t know but if the answer is yes – then my daily eating pattern is obviously one in which I simply inhale mass amounts of food and without a doubt the major contributing factor to my FAT condition.  This is a breathing technique I have used to gain weight for years and its obviously very affective!

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