Day 2 By Albert Tubbs

My mindset towards food has totally changed.

When I would eat food (before reading Paul McKenna’s book) I had varied thoughts, which I now realize contributed to my obesity.


Not sure when lunch might be so I better eat my full.


Might be a late dinner so I should eat up


Not suppose to eat after 6PM and it’s a long time till breakfast. So … you guessed it, I better eat up.

Plus, I was often consumed my thoughts of food. What would eat, when I would eat next, how many calories should I eat now, if I eat this I’ll just skip the next meal and the list goes on from there.

Today, I thought little about food and ate little. My thoughts were not any point today overtaken by food. Oh, I thought about food but only when decided what to eat.

It took me nearly 60 minutes before I could eat breakfast because I didn’t know what I wanted. I ended up having 2 pieces of cinnamon raisin toast (didn’t eat it all) and yogurt.

At lunch I attempted to eat some leftover Chinese food from last night but I couldn’t eat it. Why? Thanks for asking by the way, because I didn’t want it. Chewing food slowly really allowed to me taste food and realized that at least today I didn’t want it. I got a yogurt and decided I was full anyway.

For dinner I was truly gracing salad. I know right? Crazy! But when I got home dinner had already been made. Chocolate chip pancakes. I was really upset about it. Seriously I was upset.

Total mind change. I was sitting there eating a meal that included CHOCOLATE and was thinking “this is not salad”. I ate two pancakes (a normal would have been at least six) and one sausage patty. I then had a half a cup of Honey Nut Cheerios.

I probably also have some pudding sometime before bed. Oh, I think around 60 ounces of water and no other fluid. Soda sounded gross!

Truly, I’m not having mad cravings and for the first time in my life I feel in control of food.

This only day two, though.

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  1. soda sounded gross??? I love diet mt dew… maybe that will change as I keep going but since this isn’t ‘supposed’ to be a diet – i’m not looking to cut it out of my daily habits… :o)

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