Eat a Low Calorie Diet to Gain Weight! By Albert Tubbs

Ever eat food you hated because it was low cal and still not keep weight off? I use to all the time.

The program with all those programs for me was twofold:

  1. White-knuckle all the time.
  2. Coming off the program.

The white-knuckle was a zone that I would enter into in order to follow the diet program. Eat this and don’t eat that. I could be in this zone for long periods of time but always knowing I could not live in this zone for the rest of my life.

This always led to the problem of coming off the program and eventual weight gain, AGAIN.

Paul McKenna has changed my total perspective of food. Okay, maybe it is more like changing it not changed.

I still have trouble looking at all the food on my plate and saying “I’m full, leave it”.  That’s not my biggest problem though. I have noticed that TV watching and over eating went hand and for me and that has been hard to break.

Who knew you could say no to so much food by just asking yourself “am I full”?

Today I did eat more but I don’t believe it was in a rage or crazy craving. I do have to vigorously fight one urge, weighing myself. I’ll explain more about this one tomorrow.


Cooked 2 eggs, 1 potato, ½  red onion, and ¾ a red pepper. Ate all the veggies nut a little egg and ¼ of the potato.


Fiber bar and yogurt. Ate it all.


Salad & pudding. Didn’t eat all the salad. Later had 2 spoonfuls of peanuts with some chocolate chips and then 3 slices of ham (for the record I don’t think I ate any of this on a binge or emotional craving).

2 thoughts on “Eat a Low Calorie Diet to Gain Weight! By Albert Tubbs

  1. From your earlier posts, I thought I was doing something wrong – its comforting for me to know that I’m not the only one still struggling with old habits regardless of being full.

    I need to sit down today and read more of the book – I’m still on page 20ish…

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