I Can Make You Thin!

Albert B. Tubbs has issued a 30 day weight loss challenge.  If you read through my recent posts, then you know that I have lived up to the name of this blog and quit… again.  But IQA has once again nudged me in the right direction (this time through Albert B. Tubbs).

I almost ignored Albert’s email when I saw that it involves a commercial product called “I can make you thin” developed by Paul McKenna, but Albert states that he has never used the program and is not affiliated with it.

The loser must refund the program’s price back to the winner.  I’ve never heard of Paul McKenna, but I’m up for a challenge and winning $13 seems like a great way to start 2010.  Then again, spending $26 for a $13 program that did not work sounds like a lousy way to start the new year…

The rules are simple – get the program and follow it for a month.  Blog the experience from the program everyday.  Who ever looses the most weight by the end of the year wins.  Well, Albert B. Tubbs (which I’m sure isn’t your real name) – I accept your challenge… on one condition – we are both committed to daily posts.  Each day we fail to post an entry adds half a pound to our final weight.

And I’m inviting all IQA readers (that’s both of you… lol) to join me (or Albert) in the Tubb challenge.  To be fair, I have not created an affiliate link for Paul McKenna’s product because I do not want a kick back for anyone purchasing it for this challenge.  You can follow Albert’s daily posts (as well as mine) right here on IQA starting December 1st.

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