My old friends need a divorce! By Albert Tubbs

Enjoy every bite of food. Focus while you eat and eliminate distractions. Including but not limited to no eating food while watching television. These are ideas that McKenna has laid out in his book.

The first few days I followed this to the letter. Then slowly began watching TV while eating, think “no problem”.

Sadly, I have noticed that I can’t stop eating when I am full and be in front of the TV. Furthermore, I have a strong distain for that fact that I have discovered I enjoy the act of eating.

It has become excruciatingly clear that I must divorce these two activities from each other if I am to be successful at following the principles laid in “I can make you thin”.

The strange thing that has happened is that I am experiencing the five stages of grief after this discovery and I’m not quite at acceptance yet. Seriously, this revelation has not been one of enlightenment but of grief, sorry and depression.

I now know for the first time in my life when I am really full – good. That food and TV can’t be united in matrimony – good.


I feel like a child whose parents are saying “we only want what’s best for the kids” but are still making live in a broken home, deserted.

I’m so offended, that now I’ve fallen of the wagon and ran away for the last few days.

Oh crap! I thought I was near stage five but it seems I have digressed back to anger, which of course is only stage three.

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