Not weighing yourself down: by Albert Tubbs

I had a good day today. My biggest problem was fighting the urge to weigh myself.

One of the suggestions from Mckenna is not your weigh yourself any more than once a month (every two weeks tops). The thought is that weighing yourself often doesn’t help you listen to your body but to the scale.

I get it and it’s true. If I weighed myself while trying to lose weight and it was a bad number, I may eat less. I understand my eating less was really starving myself off and on all the time.

Being in tune with what your body is goal and I think that is beginning to happen for me.

Still, I want to know how much I weigh.

PS: I would enjoy hearing others who have read or are reading “I can make you thin”.

One thought on “Not weighing yourself down: by Albert Tubbs

  1. Ok, so for me, if I’m doing well and I “weight in” then it’s totally an excuse to slack off that day if I lost a pound….then I gain it right back. I’m packing up my scale for awhile too!

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