Rocky Road Ice Cream and a Good Cry

Today I had a bit of my daughter’s bannana for breakfast and half a polish sausage dog for lunch, the other half of that same dog for dinner.  That’s it.  I mean it… that was it.

This is upsetting – I’m not starving myself – I’m really not.  I wasn’t stuffed of course, but I only stopped eating when I felt full.  I keep telling myself that something has to be wrong here.  How can I be full after half a hotdog?!?!?!

I read more of the book today.  I am learning that I am an emotional eater.  Until today, I thought an emotional eater was that chick that just got dumped, curled up on her couch eating rocky road ice cream having a good cry.  But in his book, Paul McKenna talks about emotional eating as eating to change the way you feel regardless of your hunger level.

Bored? Then, what’s in the fridge?  Tired but don’t want to go to bed? What’s in the pantry?  Uh… WOW!  With those guildlines, I am an emotional eater.  How did the author know that I’ve said “I never feel full?”  Mr McKenna goes on to describe me as though he has known me for years. 

As an emotional eater, I never ‘felt full’ because I wasn’t hungry to begin with.  I was eating to change my mood.  Today, I did not eat to change my mood.  I ate when I was hungry and I stopped when I felt physically satisfied.  Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to eat more, but not because I was hungry.  I want bother re-iterating my feeling on this other than to say, I miss my puppy.

I’ll admit that the second half of that dog didn’t fill me up, but I was satisfied.  And I haven’t felt hungry all day.  Can this be right?  Obviously, I can’t maintain this low of a calorie intake – but I’m not going to stray from the principles… at least not for the month of December.  Albert, be prepared to buy my copy of this book.

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