The Worst Part of this diet is that I’m always full

I’m serious – the worst part of this diet is that I’m always full. If you have been following the blog this month then you know how much I am addicted to eating. The key to this diet is listening to your body when it tells you its full. I am learning to know what that means, and so far, I don’t like what I’m seeing.

Today I was eating with Stephanie using the techniques taught in this book; eating slow, chewing each bite, enjoying the food completely before taking the next bite. Stephanie actually made the comment that she has never seen me eat so slowly. Less than 10 bites in, I was full. Completely full.

For someone that loves to eat as much as I do, this is bad news. I know that most diets tell you that you have to have portion control and moderation, but this one doesn’t do that. Paul McKenna simple asks you to stop eating when you are full. Soon after learning how to recognize what being full means, I realized that I am always full on this diet. Have I really been overeating every single meal for the last 30 years?

I used an example earlier equating the activity of eating to playing with a puppy; this doesn’t seem to resonate with most of my readers. What if I told you that you can drink alcohol but only if you are actually thirsty and you have to stop as soon as you are no longer thirsty? I now see why ‘less filling’ would be a selling point.

Or think of when the Catholic Church told its congregates that they can have sex, but only to procreate. Do skinny people ever eat just because they like the taste of something?

Its too early to say, but I think this might be a life changing moment for me. I used to think my issue was an addiction to food but now I know its an addiction to eating. I don’t have to give up eating any particular food but I may have to give up the activity of what I’m going to call recreational eating.

Sayings like “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” never worked for me. Maybe because I don’t care what the food tastes like, I am addicted to the act of eating, regardless. I think “Eating isn’t as fun as being thin” might work better for me..

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