20 Keys to Weight Loss

I’ve recently joined a group on facebook called Weight Loss for 2009 (started by Dan Eley).  Its another online challenge – and hey anything that helps me keep my focus on weight loss helps, right?  This morning I noticed a list in the group regarding 20 keys to Weight Loss that I think most of them are pretty good – so I thought I would share them with you – I’ve added a couple of my own comments… :o)

  1. Drink enough water. <- I drink about 60 liters a day
  2. Snacks:
    1. Protein=energy
    2. Fiber=sense of being full
    3. Hot Tea=sense of being full
    4. Cold Beverage=helps trigger metabolism-burns calories
  3. Eat a least 5 times a day (smaller portions) (meal replacements-shakes, protein bars, healthy pies) <- What is a healthy pie?
  4. Chew Gum
  5. Drink natural juices-stay away from diet sodas (chemicals cause body to store fat) <- I’ve heard this about diet soda, but I can’t seem to find any hard facts on it
  6. Play food games
    1. Every bite chew 50 times <- I don’t have that long of an attention span
    2. Set fork down between bites
    3. Try to identify tastes and flavors
  7. Broil, Bake, Microwave, Slow Cook, never fry
  8. Save money, buy bunk items and separate into individual servings. Take one hour a week to prepare you meals for when you don’t have time to make a healthy meal
  9. Treat yourself good-not food rewards <- I think this one is poorly worded – but I agree with the idea
  10. Food is you fuel, buy the best you can. (Not junk) <- AMEN
  11. You are making lifestyle changes-not going on a diet, develop healthy habits-start your plan new everyday. Forget about yesterday’s failures. <- I struggle with yesterdays failures…
  12. Don’t leave the table feeling full <- I NEVER feel full, the closest I come is stuffed (believe me, there is a difference) – my goal is to never feel stuffed
  13. Weigh yourself at the most once a week <- I do daily, so… I’m not onboard with this one
  14. Judge your loses by clothes, inches and energy
  15. Set Goals and write them down (not time tables). <- I think time tables are an important part of goal settings, so not onboard with this one either
  16. Get busy-active walking, shopping, mall walking <- YES YES YES
  17. Throw out temptations <- HOW
  18. Allow yourself 1 day a week to have something you love. <- I can’t – I’m a food addict, that one day triggers a six day relaps – kinda like telling an alcholic, give yourself one drink a week…
  19. Take pictures when you start-then if you have an old picture that you want to look like and see yourself there again.
  20. Most important of all, you will never succeed unless you start-today. And you will never fail unless you quit.

Of course that last one is a favorite of mine – you will never fail unless you quit!  Trust me, I’ve failed by that diffention so many times that I named my blog “I Quit… Again!”  But I am not going to quit this time!  I hope you won’t either!

7 thoughts on “20 Keys to Weight Loss

  1. I disagree with chewing gum. When you chew gum, your body thinks it needs to begin peristalsis, or preparation for the digestive process. Your stomach produces more acids in anticipation of food because your jaw is making chewing movements and producing saliva. Chewing gum therefore leads to increased potential of heartburn and, when done for extended periods of time, can aggravate TMJ disorder and tighten the masseter, sternocleidomastoid, and other chewing-related neck/face muscles. Not to mention people who chew at length to stop cravings are typically smacking and chomping. Perhaps I’ve beaten the dead horse, but I wanted to give my .02! 😉 And yes, I chew gum occasionally… with my mouse closed.

    1. Wow CJ – Your gravitar makes you look smart, but the fact that I had to look up a few words from your comment proves it! 😀 I chew gum almost daily – ALWAYS with my mouth closed. Maybe I’ll find other ways to curb my appetite… thanks for the comment!

  2. I’m a massage therapist. I have to know anatomy a little for my job. 😉 (And, if you couldn’t guess… gum chewing is a pet peeve of mine. I have co-workers at my day job who do it all day long. CHOMP-CRACK-SNAP!)

  3. Thanks for sharing these! I think I’ll have to check out that group on facebook now. And if you ever find out what a healthy pie is from #3 PLEASE let me know 🙂

  4. hey! i saw you through pete thomas’s twitter (mine’s @luxechandelier) and saw that you’re going to BL casting call on Saturday in Phoenix. My teammate and I are going too!

    good luck and nice blog!! definitely nice to read weight loss blogs! hopefully see you in line on saturday? haha

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