My 500 Calorie Run with Nike Plus

Nine AM, Kids are still asleep, throw on sweats, grab phone, fill up water bottle, close the front door quietly as I leave to not wake up the kids, Forgot IPod, go back in house, grab IPod, close door quietly, try to start workout run, forgot Nike+ IPod plugin thing, back in, grab it, close door quietly, start run…

First song is fast, very happy with IPOD, realize its trash day, realize I forgot to put trash out, keep running, lady’s voice on IPod says “50 calories”, wow – very happy with Nike+, turn into park, run around the lake, avoid duck/goose mine field, lady on IPod “100 calories”, thinking about Stephanie, thinking about Zander, thinking about Lexi, my left knee burns, I really like this Nike+ thing, keep running…

Turn into neighborhood, find a new park, round corner, its the same park, I went in a circle, “200 calories”, did I miss 150 or did she not say it?, glad I got the Nike+ and the IPod, think about Stephanie, my legs are burning, my left knee hurts, what song is this?, realize I’m almost at a walking pace due to slow song I’ve never heard, skip song, pick up pace, side hurts, think about the New Year, think about my weight, doubt myself, think about writing this post, when is that lady going to tell me how many calories again…

“Half way point”, is she mocking me, wonder if 500 calorie run was the right decision, think about Stephanie, think about today, think about Father-In-Law (he past away Dec 31, 2001), think about Stephanie, wonder if the kids are up, worried about money, think about church, think about God, wish I had read my Bible more this year, am I slowing down?, another slow song…

Skip song, pick up pace, am I chaffing?, knee burns, thighs burn, how much longer is this run, think about Stephanie, look up, where am I, all the houses look the same, avoid doggie land mine, think about my brother Jeremy, he hates it when people don’t clean up after their dogs, think about Alaska, realize I’m sweating, realize its the last day of 2008, think about the year, “150 calories left”, think about Stephanie, keep running

Wonder if the kids are up, worry about Stephanie, I know she is planning to mourn all day, wonder if I should be home to give her a break from the kids, my knee burns, my thighs burn, I AM chaffing, regret going on this run, “100 calories left”, look up, get my barrings, turn toward home, keep running

Legs are burning, knee is screaming, I’m soaking wet, “50 calories left”, considered sprinting, decide to go for it, 40 calories, great – a count down, push harder, side is splitting, legs are screaming, knee is throbbing, 30 calories, keep RUNNING…

I’m too far, wonder if I should try to sprint the whole way home or just until I hit the 500 calorie mark, think about this post, think about the kids, think about Stephanie, think about God, did IPod lady forget me, grab side, keep RUNNING, SERIOUSLY WHERE IS THAT IPOD LADY!, I hate this Nike+ thing, 20 calories left…

Pass mail box, think about stopping to get mail, think about Stephanie, wonder if I can do this again, wonder if I should do this again, worry about Stephanie’s bad day, realize that I’m not really sprinting any more, 10 calories left, pick up the pace, round the corner, see house, feel relieved, 10 calories left, keep running… have a profound thought – I can’t erase Dec 31 2001 for Stephanie, but if I lose this weight I might keep her from adding my date any time soon…

“Workout Completed, press the menu button to end workout”… thanks IPod Lady… I really like this Nike+ thing … can’t wait until tomorrow…

28 thoughts on “My 500 Calorie Run with Nike Plus

  1. Good job Dale! Doing something good for our lives usually involves more of our “upstairs” energy than physical energy, huh? Keep on keeping on and have a great New Year.

  2. Have you always been a runner? I keep thinking I would like to run, but I just don’t know where to start. I think I’m afraid of someone seeing me. 😉

    1. I have NEVER been a runner – and I weight 300lbs (I mean, 289 – its going to take time getting used to be under 300… I look forward it!) People will see you, but no one will look at you – If you can afford it – get the Nike+ with the IPod Nano – its a real help for a newbie like myself…

  3. I got tired just reading it.

    It’s 47 degrees BELOW zero in North Pole AK at this moment…!

    I’m ready for MOM to clean up the dog doo in our back yard.

  4. That was indeed tiring to read. I want to start losing weight in 09 but seem to get sidetracked everytime. I’ve never run regularly though. Did you start out walking first? Do you warm up before you run? I’ll look into that Nike+ thing–I haven’t heard of it before.

    1. I don’t normal like being told it was tiring to read my writings, but considering the post itself, I’m going to take that as a compliment! 🙂

      No, I didn’t start out walking, however I rode my bicycle a lot last year – I actually went on a 700 mile bike tour last year (… but its been almost a full year since I was last on the bike. I’m 5’9″ and 289lbs – and although I should have warmed up first, I didn’t.

      Nike+ is awesome – you can see some of my goals in the sidebars on the right! Thanks for the comment – if you want to keep up with my future posts – subscribe to my RSS feed!

  5. Dale, I’m RSS challenged…. I have a feed reader set up on my new phone, but it’s asking for the Feed URL. Is that just Or something else? I would like to use my big eyes to keep up with your blog on my phone. 🙂

  6. Congrats on the run! I could never do that- not enough will power! lol… I am down a few pounds too. So we are starting off 2009 right!
    Oh- and a little tip for the chaffing: baby powder. :o) (I used to keep some at my desk when I worked at the college and had to do campus tours sometimes.)

    1. Thanks for the tip – I doubt I’m the only ‘fat’ person in the room that could use the info…

      Of course you can run, or walk at least. Everyone can do something – I watched a 500lbs man walk 30 feet from his car to his church seat the other day – he had to stop 3 times and rest in order to get the job done – but he did it. If he can do it – anyone can!

      Start small and work from there!

  7. Run Forrest Run!!! You can do it!! You have always been able to do it. It has just been waiting on you to decide. This I believe you will succeed and exceed all expectations!

  8. I love my Nike+ too. Without it I am not sure I would be making it out the door as much as I do now. I am so eager to hear that person at the end say.. “Congratulation, this was your…”

    Awesome post!

    (found you through the Biggest Loser Blog)

  9. nice, just got my Nike+iPod kit and whilst i had the different thoughts, my first workout felt alot similar, i was begging for that lady to say workout completed lol

  10. Not sure if you even still update this blog, but I just came across this while researching the nike+ system, and I have to admit: this is hilarious. It’s exactly how my mind works when I’m running, nothing is ever a complete sentence, it just wanders around aimlessly and every time you don’t get a calorie update you’re praying that the nike+ broke, instead of you just having another 200 calories to go. I hope you wound up having a good new year, and eventually got into the shape you want. Best of luck!

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