Searching for weightloss

So I was searching online for weightloss support groups, interest groups and anything else I could join to help me lose weight.  I even stopped by Facebook.  There is so much out there that its difficult to find relevant information.

I even found blog sites from people claiming to have lost a lot of weight using particular products – but the thing is – they aren’t real people and the blogs are just advertisments!  Unbelievable.

So, how do I find actually helpful articles and online groups that aren’t an advertising hotbed?  I’m not sure its possible – even my blog – this blog – has ads related to weightloss products.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure some of these products are good and well worth it, but its difficult to dig through the hype and find the real information.  And if Opera put it on her show… forget it – all ads everywhere!  That woman creates wealth without even trying.  As soon as she mentions it, companies that have nothing to do with her are created and begin selling a product she talked about… and making money doing it.

Back to the subject at hand – how do I find relevant weightloss data and support online… I’m going to do some research and bring it altogether right here on I Quit… Again.  Subscript to my RSS feed if you want to be in the loop as I find relevant helpful online resources!

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