Spread the Word – We have A Month to LIVE!

Wow – I’m blown away by the amazing responses I’ve gotten from everyone on “A Month to LIVE”.  There are people sending me shout outs in Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter saying they are going 4 for 4 (all four goals for all four weeks)!  With only two days until the challenge begins, I’m really getting excited!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m craming in all the TV time, diet soda, couch time, and LATE NIGHTS that I can before February 1st (Don’t kill me Team Lean and the Biggest Loser Blog Edition folks, I’m not endulging on my diet, just my TV and diet soda…)

Ideas on How to Accomplish the Goal

After talking to a few of our fellow … what do we want to call ourselves?  I was going to say LIVE’ers.. but livers? Yuk!  M2Ls?  Nah… Lets come back to that – After talking to a few of others online I realized that it might help to post ideas about how to get those extra calories and sleeping hours, so watch for those posts in the next few days here at I Quit… Again! and if you blog, maybe post a few of your own ideas on your blog so that we can all benefit from what’s working for  you too!

Re-Post the Challenge on Your Blog

Speaking of posting on YOUR blog – (special shout out and thanks to KISS and Get Fit) we only have a today and tomorrow left until February 1st – Don’t get me wrong, anyone can join at any time, even after the 1st, but let’s give more people the chance to make February, A Month to LIVE!  So if you have a blog – feel free to post away on the idea.

Spread the Word

Not having a blog doesn’t mean you can’t help spread the word – do you twitter? (if not, jump in the deep end of social networking baby!) Do you Facebook? MySpace? LinkedIn?  If you do – tweet, status, announce away!  I have seen how fast a funny youtube video can spread across the globe (youtube – yeah, lets not forget youtube – if you youtube – make a vid about “A Month to LIVE!”)…

Can you imagine being part of a global movement to move toward a healthier life and a better way to LIVE?  I just read another bloggers post about what he would do if he only had a month to live and do you know what he said? Drugs.  I’m serious – he said “Drugs, and lost of ’em!”  Not me!  The walks I have been taking with my family around the neighborhood lately have been far better time spent than the years of TV and TV dinners before now.  Let’s make this A Month to LIVE!

How to Get the Word OUT!

Here are a few ideas on how you can tell your friends about the challenge – many you can cut and paste:


RT @dsackr Make February “A Month to LIVE”, take the challenge at
– OR –
RT @dsackr I have “A Month to LIVE”, take the challenge at
– OR –
I’m going 4for4 at http://iquitagain – “A Month to LIVE”, will U? thx @dsackr

MySpace and Facebook Status:

Make February “A Month to LIVE”, take the challenge at
– OR –
I have “A Month to LIVE”, take the challenge at
– OR –
I’m going 4for4 at http://iquitagain – “A Monthh to LIVE”, will U? thx @dsackr

MySpace Bulletin or Facebook Note or Lets not forget the OLD way we USED to spread the word – mass EMAIL:

Dear Friends,

Make February “A Month to LIVE”, take the challenge at

I have decided to join the challenge to make February “A Month to LIVE” and I would love to have you join me!  Its a really simple plan – Trade television for books and water for all other beverages; exercise every day; get at least seven hours of sleep every day.  Doesn’t that sound doable?  Read all about it at

Now send this to at least 23 of your friends or something bad will happen to somebody somewhere.  If you send it to ALL of your friends, Microsoft in connection with Old Navy Clothing is going to send you a big check for thousands of dollars… Oh, and it was the last wish from a guy I know that has A Month to LIVE!  (Only that last one is true)

Truly Yours,

Thinking Outside the Box

Here are a few NON-traditional ways to get the word out:

  1. Tell strangers in an elevator “I’m going 4-4-4 baby! I Quit… Again! DOT COM”
  2. Write 4-4-4 on the front of a t-shirt and “follow me to I Quit… Again! DOT COM” on the back then wear it to the mall
  3. At a restaurant when the waitress asks for your drink choice – “Oh, I’m sorry I only have A Month to LIVE, so water please!”
  4. At the gym on the treadmill just as you reach 500 calories shout – “I QUIT” pause pause pause “AGAIN!” pause pause “DOT COM! 4-4-4 Baby!”
  5. At the grocery store during check out, “Hey, sorry I can’t buy alcohol this month, I only have A Month to LIVE”
  6. While shoveling snow (for you northerners) sing to the turn of 99 bottles – “500 calories to burn for the day, 500 calories to burn, you take one down…” loud enough for you neighbors to ask about it
  7. At your doctor’s visit – “Hey Doc, its not often that a patient gets to give you the news, – I have A Month to LIVE! – Usually its the other way around”
  8. At the soda machine in the break room of your office to a co-worker getting a coke – “Oh… you aren’t going 4-4-4?”
  9. During the Superbowl – “I hope this game doesn’t last too long, I have GOT to get my 8 hours of sleep, or I’m unbearable in the mornings”
  10. To telemarketers – “I’m sorry – I’m not interested because I only have A Month to LIVE – I have a condition called 4-4-4, maybe you do to?  You should check it out on your break at I Quit Again Dot Com”

Spread the Word!

What Should We Call Ourselves?

OH YEAH – What are we going to call ourselves?  I would love to get your ideas – Please, leave a comment with what you think we should be!

Look for my upcoming posts regarding helpful ways to accomplish the four…

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