The Biggest Loser is the worst show on TV today!

I realized while watching the season finale of the Biggest Loser, this show sucks!  Hollywood usually gets a bunch of ridiculously good looking people to be in ridiculous situations, and believe it or not, even on a show centered around fat people, Hollywood is able to still end up with the best looking fat people available.  Once the cast has been set, we have a few months of ridiculous weight loss – 5, 10, even 20+ lbs a week.  Two trainers giving the contestants four hours of dedicated attention a day, food that’s calculated and measured for them, no jobs to worry about, no family events, no church ‘fellowships’, no pizza places, no ice cream shoppes, nothing to keep them from full focus on their weight loss goals!

Reality Television is anything but real – and The Biggest Loser is no exception!  Just this season, Bob (the male trainer on the show) explained that the winner of the first biggest loser season has already gained all of his weight back.  While they have had one “Did they keep it off” followup episode, they only showed us a fraction of the contestants from the show’s history.  Just like lottery winners that blow through millions of dollars within the first few years of winning – these guys start putting the weight back on shortly after leaving the show.

Ok – maybe I’m disgruntled because they didn’t pick me to be on the show – I did try out when they came to Mesa, AZ.  I drove 40 miles, stood in the longest line of fat people I have ever been in that didn’t end in a buffet, waited for hours while listening to extremely overweight people tell other extremely overweight people how to lose weight (I’m not making this up), just to get 5 minutes at a table with 9 other fat people all talking over each other in order to make an impression on the casting director for a chance to be called back.  I was not called back.  But I did learned a few things while waiting in that long line of large people.  I learned that everyone thinks they know something about weight loss regardless of how fat they are.  I learned that a lot of people want to get on the Biggest Loser as a way of winning the fat man’s lottery.  I learned that I’m no exception.

I want to avoid having to figure out how to fit a work out into my schedule, or how to know good food from bad food, or learning portion control.  I want it all to be done for me.  But that’s not going to happen – and it would seem from the biggest loser contestants that put the weight back on, that you can’t avoid those steps even if you make it on the show.  I am going to have to learn a lot over the next several months if I’m going to lose weight.  I think I need to start by learning more about me.  I want to know more about being a food adict.  I want to know more about the triggers that cause late night snacking and over eating.  I want to learn what has me staying up too late at night, or what has me so unorganized that I cannot find my workout cloths in the morning.  I have a feeling my weightloss journey is going to be as much about personal awareness and development as it will be about weight.

In any case – The Biggest Loser sucks for not picking me…

15 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser is the worst show on TV today!

  1. You are so funny son! You keep me in stitches. I loved the comment on waiting in line with fat people and there was no buffet at the end of the line :-). Too funny! Be encouraged. Losing weight is a fight! I don’t think it gets easier and you are not a failure! I will be joining you on this battle soon. Love you!

    1. It’s the worst show in my opinion! Wanting to get fit? Just stop eating snacks 24/7 and get up and move around (I did not say “excercise”, One does not need to if you keep yourself busy doing your job).

  2. I loved that line too about the buffet! I literally laughed out loud. I am glad I wasn’t drinking anything or else my computer screen and keyboard would be covered with liquid.

    I don’t know what’s worse fat people giving advice on how to lose weight or skinny people who have NEVER been even 5 pounds over weight (like my mom!)

    1. I completely agree – its frustrating to hear over weight people giving advise on losing weight, but altogether unbearable to listen to skinny people who have never been a pound overweight doing the same…

  3. Wow, I’m amazed that you can type whole paragraphs without hitting the wrong keys with your fatty fat fingers! I hope you don’t get short of breath from your bursts of creativity.

    1. I’m glad I could amaze you! Thanks for the compliment – I appreciate being called creative! By the way – I hit the wrong keys all the time with my fatty fat fingers… spell checker in Firefox is AWESOME!

  4. dirk… are you sure your name is really dirk? I’m guessing your real name does rhyme with dirk.

  5. How anyone can find entertainment in watching a bunch of lard ass praise hounds scream, bawl and waddle around is beyond my comprehension. Pathetic. America, go read a book instead, or flip over to Public television. Try to learn something instead before your brains turn completely to Jello.

  6. hey i want to get on the biggest loser season 11 iam 600 ilbs and i would be the biggest one on there show and if they cast me the rateings will shoot to the moon they will make millions then they can pay me when i win and out beat the over fattys hey bob and jillan contact me and cast me eight one two four seaven eight three one two five

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