Top Five Reasons to Stay Fat

I ran across a post from Laugh Out Loud Weight Loss Blog called The Complete List Of Unconventional Reasons To Lose Weight while surfing the net and it inspired me to make a list of reasons to NOT lose weight:

Number 5. I love Buffets

I mean it – I love buffets.  I love Chinese buffets the best.  A few years back, I noticed that when I was at a Chinese buffet, I wasn’t the largest person in the room.  At 330lbs (my heaviest), there was always a larger person in the room (often a woman!).  In order to lose weight, I have to eat in moderation – as a food addict, I can’t do that at a buffet.  Crab Ragoon, General Tso’s Chicken, Sesame Chicken… my mouth waters just thinking about it!

Number 4. I don’t want to buy new clothes

I’m losing weight at about 3lbs a week – at that rate, I’m going to have to buy new clothes every 10 weeks for the next year!  That’s a lot of money!  Now, its true that after the first two 10 week cycles, I should be able to save the $2 up-charge that Walmart puts on ‘larger sizes’, but that’s hardly enough to cover the cost of the new clothes.

Number 3.  I tell Fat Jokes

If I lose all my weight, I won’t be able to tell any more fat jokes!  I say things like “I didn’t get this big by fasting” when asked if I’m want to go to lunch, and when asked what size shirt I wear by a vendor, I’m known to reply “Tent sized”.  Ok, maybe they are a bit self-deprecating but I’ve always been able to laugh at myself – if I lose all my weight, I’d have to say things like “yeah, I’m up for lunch” or “size medium”… BORING…

Number 2. Fat Foods are cheap

Being fat allows me to eat cheaper food.  Healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables cost way more than carbs, sugars, and fatty foods.  Money is tight and paying higher grocery bills will be tough.  Staying fat saves me money.

I’m starting to wonder if I thought this losing weight thing all the way through…

And the Number 1. reason to stay fat…

I’m an Innie and I like it that way!

What if I lose all my weight and find out I actually have an outie belly button?

I’d love to hear your reasons to lose (or NOT lose) weight – leave me a comment to put your list up all to read!

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    1. Dr. Kal – I like that! Thanks for stopping by – I have your weight loss blog linked in my blogroll – may you get several hits from it!

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