What happens at a Biggest Loser Audition / Casting Call?

Sione and Me

To be honest, it is a bit anti-climactic.  I mean after spending four or more hours in line (my first time I was in line for 8 hours), you are hoping to sit down with Bob or Jillian for a 30 min hows it going session – and that just ain’t going to happen.  After all that time in line,  you sit down at a table with 10 to 15 people that all want to get on the show and one casting director.  And the casting director asks everyone to state their name, what they do, how old they are, and how much they weight want to lose.  After introductions, the director asks one question – for both times I’ve tried out it was the same question – “why are we so fat in America?”

The five or six minutes that follow are crazy – everyone at the table has little time to say anything that will impress the director and a few personalities at your table will take every second of that time if you let them.  You have to find a way to pipe in, say something interesting, and get noticed.  Before you know it – the director cuts off the conversation and say something like –

Ok guys, I’m sorry I have to cut this short – we could spend all day talking about this, you know?  We will have some time while we are in town to talk to a few people for filmed interviews, but if you don’t get called back – it doesn’t mean I didn’t like you or think you could be right for the show; This isn’t the end of the road for you!  Go to and there are instructions there to submit a video.

Please leave your paperwork in front of you.

a blury Dane and Blaine
a blury Dane and Blaine

That’s it! Its over – you either did or you did not make the cut.  Like I said, a bit anti-climatic.  But there is so much more you can walk away with than those 10 mins!  Remember, you are in line for hours!  And you are in line with a bunch of Type-A personalities.  These are some of the coolest people to hang out with.  Of course, in a group this size (HA – pun intended!) you will have a few very obnoxious people – but you can choose to enjoy those people too.

Like the trainer that was auditioning to be on the biggest loser today (yeah, NBC is auditioning trainers – hmmm, wonder ’bout that) – she stepped out of line – went out to the middle of the courtyard where everyone could see her and started doing jump, sqaut, pushup jumping jack things!  Very obnoxious – I enjoyed watching her make a fool of herself.

There was a line nazis beside me in line that spent no less than an hour yelling things like HEY – you can’t skip in line to people ahead of us that can’t even hear her.  Someone told her karma would get anyone skipping in line – to which she replied “By the time Karma works, those guys will have already had their interview and gone home today – Karma’s a bitch BECAUSE she takes too long!”  I laughed at that one.

My favorite was all those around me that didn’t want to be filmed by the local news crew that came out to cover the event.  They would duck behind others in line when the camera came by – think about that for a second… they are trying out for the Biggest Loser TV show, but don’t want to be seen on TV.

The event didn’t begin until 10am and they said on the website – don’t line up more than 3 hours early but I knew others wouldn’t follow that and I was right.  When I got there at 6am, close to 200 people had already lined up.  This was the pre-line because we weren’t allowed to line up at the door across the street – so we lined up on the sidewalk.  At about 7, we were given the ok to cross the street and line up at the door – and at first it seemed like our line was going to cross over in an orderly fashion – until some people from across the other corner were seen running to the door… then suddenly – STAMPEDE!  I’ve never seen so many fat people running at the same time.  Yes, I ran.  Otherwise I would have gone from about 200 to maybe 3 or 400th in line.  I ended up at 122nd in line.

I’m sure I was one of the obnoxious in the group, saying things like “Wow the competition this year is HEAVY” and “this is the longest line of fat people I have ever been in that doesn’t end in a buffet”  Cheesy, I know… but it got a laugh from those around me.  I also enjoyed getting to know people in line with me.  I met Richard, a deaf person in line with me whose friend I met on twitter before the audition – @luxechandelier.  I hope he makes it.  I also met a mother/son team, she was in her sixties and they drove all night from another state to come to the audition.  I hope they got a call too.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I enjoyed going.  I didn’t get called back.  But I still talk to the people I met in line last year and I hope to keep in touch with some of the interesting people I met in line this time too.  And as you can see from the pictures, I got to met a few Biggest Loser celebs as well.

Did you audition?  I’d love to hear your story too – leave me a comment.

40 thoughts on “What happens at a Biggest Loser Audition / Casting Call?

  1. i heard people still could be called back even a little bit after 24 hours. we should support each other through dieting now – i’m motivated to lose weight now before the “summer of hell” rolls in.

    1. @steph – don’t tease me now… just when I was accepting the fact that I didn’t get picked you say there is a chance they could call me today… aarrggghhhh! :o) I hope you are right!

    1. @Hotch – Sorry to hear you missed the experience – maybe next time? I’ve said more than once – I hate thinking maybe they will pick me next time because it means I would still be fat by the next time this thing comes around…

      1. Thanks for the update! I was curious how these things went. I wonder what they’re looking for during the “interview” or whatever you call the sit down thingy.

        I do believe you’ve cured me of the occasional toying with the idea of gaining weight back just so I could be on the show. I think I’ll shoot for the Amazing Race instead.

        Did you submit a video?

        1. @DaleK – I’ve thought about gaining weight for the show too – ridiculous, right? I submitted a video last year for season 6 – but not this year. The video I sent in was entertaining but I realized after the fact, it didn’t really give them a compelling reason to put me on the show. I don’t think I will submit one this year.

    1. @Valorie – it was a blast! I think I will go again the next time they are in town – even if I somehow find a way to lose the weight between now and then…

  2. Hey Dale! I thought it was awesome that Stephanie pointed me your way. It was great to meet you and hope you got a callback, I didn’t. But it’s not going to stop me from breaking through and losing this weight.

    I noticed you’re in Glendale, if you’re looking for a workout partner, support, etc…let me know. Keep in touch. Find me on facebook or email me,

    1. @Richard – no call back for me either! I would have been very excited for you to get on the show (not as excited as if I had gotten on the show, but excited none the less). I workout at a small gym off of Union Hill and the 101 loop, called Fitness19. I’m thinking about getting a membership to 24 hour Fitness because a co-worker has a membership there and suggested we work out during our lunch hour.

      The best part of trying out for the biggest loser for me has been the people I met along the way!

  3. I live in PA and went to the audition in New York. Wow if you think a stampede like that was bad you missed what happened here. The line actually had started The Tuesday before according to some. I had gotten to the line at 7:02 am and was at the second sectional of people. We were also outside and it was freezing at 25 degrees with light wind. We were in line from 7-7 and didn’t even see the door until 7:15 pm after that it was crazy. I finally got seen and was thrilled after freezing but alas was not given a call back. Hope my video will do me some justice. But we had line cutters plus obnoxious and crazies but the best was when about 45 people behind us skipped us because security didn’t do their job. But got to meet the twins Bill and Jim from Season 4 and Jen from season 6. Stacey from season 6 was there but missed her. Just hope I get on the show.

    1. @Phil – WOW! It sounds like its crazy in NY! We had well over a thousand people try out here and its 85 degrees by 10am… I couldn’t imagine standing outside for that long at 25 degrees! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Wow…..Is all I can say. I thought the experience was absolutely amazing. I had never experience anything like this, and I have been a trainer for over 20 years. It is a unique way, when you combined weightloss with television….it really has a euphoric energy about it. I was one of the trainers that actually audtioned for the show and was quite impress with the overall energy of the day. I felt that there were some amazing individuals with some amazing stories to share and many had unique talents that made the standing in line for 5 hours somewhat bearable. I met people from all across the nation. There was a young gentlemen who was even making balloon animals and there were individuals that brought there own cheerleading squad. I think if a trainer took the time to try to motivate a crowd that was standing in line for hours….that is what a trainer does. Provide motivation! I aslo felt as though, whether you were there to audition for television or really there because you wanted to lose weight, you were part of a group of people that were accepting and exciting. I was fortunate enough to get a call back but there is nothing being said of the execs intent with audtioning new trainers. So, as I left the audition, I walked back outside and spoke with many friends and clients of mine that were auditioning to be contestants and offered my support but also gave true words of encouragement. If you are willing to stand in line for an audition for 5 hours, surely you can take that same determination and focus on getting healthy. I wish everyone the very best of luck with striving to find healthy living. Stay Active, Live Fit and Love Life and I too have some great pics and some great memories from my audtion for Season 8 of the Biggest Loser.

  5. NO, I didn’t audition. Never even think about it and I know why. One I’m not a type A personality and two I’m not a glutton (pun intended) for punishment. It is the most unrealistic show I’ve seen. They have to get bigger an bigger people on the show to keep our interested. Personally, I’m glad they are interviewing new trainers, I’m sick of hearing bleeps from Bob, Julian and the contestants. There so much for my rant. BTW, you are cute. Not hitting on you but just appreciating a nice looking man.

    1. @JC *blushing* thanks – I like the show but I wouldn’t be surprised if they change out Jillian. I’d love to see something radically different – like a team in every state with the trainers getting judged on their results. Who knows, right?

  6. Oh my Dale, you made me laugh out loud with your comments while being there. I think you should become a Christian Comedien and then you own’t need to be on the biggest loser, you can hire your own personal trainer, LOL….
    You crack me up.

  7. I am going this Saturday with my sister in law to audition. I know how broke people are these days and the broker you are, the more depressed you become. The more depressed you are, the more you eat…so what I am trying to say is I know there will be a lot of people.
    My question is…when you make it to the next round or however they do it, what happens? The auditions are 2 days before I leave to go out of town. Will I be asked to return?

    1. NICOLE – is your sister in law your partner or just going with you for support? which casting call are you going to? i am going to NYC. but i don’t have a partner! all my friends are skinny! what i was told that they will call you by end of day saturday if they want you to come back on sunday for one on one interview. so i don’t THINK you will have to wait a few days.

    2. Nicole – thanks for reading my site! I’ve tried out twice (this weekend I might try for a third time) – I have never been called back, but I have two friends that were (separately) – both were contacted the same day as the audition for the call back interview.

      The call back interview was the next day (Sunday) for one, and two days later (Monday) for the other. On the call back interview – you are given directions to their hotel where you will do a one on one interview that will be filmed.

      One of my friends was told she made it through the call back and asked to make a video and send it in. My other friend was told he would hear back if he was selected – but never got called back.

      If you want more information on the process – you should check out Pete Thomas’s casting tips (he is a formal biggest loser contestant. You can also follow him on twitter @PeteThomas.

      GOOD LUCK!

  8. NICOLE – is your sister in law your partner or just going with you for support? which casting call are you going to? i am going to NYC. but i don’t have a partner! all my friends are skinny! what i was told that they will call you by end of day saturday if they want you to come back on sunday for one on one interview. so i don’t THINK you will have to wait a few days.

    1. My sister in law will be my partner. She called me last Saturday and asked me to go with her. Everyone else we know is small lol. I told her I would go with her to the one in Atlanta.
      I searched tons of sites for information for if you are called back and this was by far, the most helpful! I will definately check out the site listed. Thanks for all the help.

    2. LORI – I am going to NYC tomorrow, and also do not have a partner. All of my friends are skinny. Can our partner theme be, “skinny friended internet ladies”? Just a thought…. 😉

  9. Hello everyone,

    I recently auditioned for the biggest loser season 9 in Nyc, and I must say that for the most part it was a great exprience being around like minded people. I arrived at the NBC store at about a quarter to 6 in the morning, and there were at least 150 people there already. some of which were there from the night before. Before the auditions started things were good. People were talking to each other , sharing their stories, cracking jokes, laughing, and just having a wonderful time. After about 51/2 hours the line started to move very quickly. They put us in groups of 10, and sat us down at a table with a very obnoxious casting director. He was swearing, talking loud, and very animated. He was an asshole!!!! He told us to among each other about a topic that he just threw out there. What I got from that audition was that he was not looking for outgoing people. He was looking for people that had no personality. After that audition was over her barely shook all of our hands. He was cold, distant, and very, very, very, PHONEY! Honestly, I would never audition again because i ‘ve seen the people that they put on that show, and it’s no wonder why the ratings have slipped dramatically. They went from being in the top 5 slot to not making the top ten slot, that’s sad .Please don’t get me wrong I am not bitter because I didn’t make the show, I am just annoyed by the fact that they want you to be outgoing, but never really pick out going people. I barely watched last season, and I will not be watching this season because I know it will be the same dull people they pick. I won’t count on their ratings getting any better. The only good thing that came out of the audition was meeting some wonderful people, and that is priceless.

    1. Nancy – I’m sorry to hear you had such a negative experience with the casting director! I had a very difference experience in that regard – the casting directors I have seen (I’ve tried out 3 times now) have all be extremely friendly and professional. I told myself I wouldn’t try out again after my second time, but a friend called this time and I gave it another shot – I didn’t get called back, but I did get to meet Ali and her mother and got to meet for the second time Sione.

      Like you – I was able to met several very interesting people while I waited in line – everyone had advise on how to lose weight (which I found to be very funny) as well as jokes, life stories, etc. I still keep in touch with some of the people I met the first time I tried out. I guess I may never get on the show, but I enjoyed the experience and will most likely try again if they come back to town!

      Good Luck on your weight loss goals!

  10. Hey Dsackr,

    Thank you for your positive feed back, and encouraging kind words. Although the casting director was not very nice, I still manged to get an audition in Nyc where I live. for another project which is actually a real television show, and not a reality show…… After I realized that I was not getting a call back I auditioned for something else, and I sincerely hope that I am choosen for the part. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am hopeful that I can land a show despite of my size. I must say that I felt skinny standing in line for the audition………lol! A lot of people tell me that I don’t look my weight, and that could have played a big role in me not being choosen for the show. Anyhow, I remain hopeful that some good will come out of all of this. Thanks for the well wishes.


    1. I think the real reason I didn’t get picked will forever be a mystery, but my best guess is that I don’t fill any of the roles they are looking for this or previous seasons. Its a TV show with characters that the casting directors are looking to cast – the father / son team, the brothers, the best friends, the mother / daughter, etc. I have family that could try out with me but schedules just haven’t allowed it.

  11. Hey Dsackr,

    I think they don’t even know what they are looking for because if they did, they would cast better people on the show……….lol! They pick people that they think will make for a great show, but I beg to differ.

    1. Hello Nancy,

      I totally agree with that statement. I went for an auditon in July. I stood on line for 6 hours. Finally, we got to see the casting director, and I must say he was not qualified to judge anyone. He asked everyone to tell him why they wanted to be on the biggest loser. When it was my turn I told him the truth. I noticed that he was drawn more towards the people that were crying because they were FAT! I am sorry, but I will not be depressed because I am over weight. The more you cry the better your chances are for getting on the show. I refused to humiliate myself infront of the casting director. I never cry because I am over weight, never! I just need help that’s all. Besides, the people they pick are always boooooooooring, they have no sense of humor, and they are hard to look at. Anyhow, I will never audition for that show again because I am losing weight without it. I don’t even watch because the casting director was so phony, and he is not good at selection REAL PEOPLE. He wasn’t real himself. He was too phony for me. He is a faker, and has very poor judgement. It’s funny how when they re-visited the former contestants, almost all of them gained all of the weight back. Wow, they really chose the most inspirational people….lol! Bottom line, the casting director from the biggest loser is the biggest FAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. I Auditoned for BL9 in Philadelphia on July 18th…My experience was similar to other folks who have posted here…lined up at 7, stood in line for about 5 hours, socializing and cracking jokes with fellow fat folk….the whole audition interview lasted less than 10 minutes. Since then I had basically forgotten about the audition..weeks went past, so I assumed that I wasnt one of the lucky people to get a call back…Until last week, On september 1st I received an email saying that if I was still interested, and still had a partner, to send more photos, and answer a list of questions by the next next day September 2nd at 11am. Has anyone else recieved emails like this? I did send the info that was requested, but, what should I expect?

  13. hi!
    i auditioned for the biggest loser asia when they held the auditions here in the philippines and i had a great time- and made some new friends too!

    i really had no plans of audition- it was pure chance that i was in the mall and although i wasnt really dressed in the requisite gym outfit ( i was wearing a maxi dress and sandals) i decided to push through with the audition

    i came into the audtion room singing to the tune of “new york, new york” and basically let loose. i did jumping jacks, running in place and just did everything i could think of to impress the judges.

    there were funny moments- like when the organizers saw how low my neckline was and decided to pin my number to my enourmous belly- and the time i got hungry and decided to grab a meal; people found it hilarious.

    i’m looking forward to watching the biggest loser asia on the 24th of november, 9pm on the halmark channel

  14. So what happens if you’re chosen? I have ONE income and the sole support of my house and mortgage. Is there any compensation, at least to cover regular bills, while you’re on the show?

    1. There is a stipend but I’m not sure how much – I think I was told it would be $500 a week. My thoughts have always been – cross that bridge when you get to it – the first big hurdle is to get chosen! Good Luck!

  15. Hey, so I went to the open casting call in Washington DC for the Biggest Loser Season 10. Like all the others, we all know the 5 hour wait and the 10 min sit down with a group. Anyways, after my audition, I felt confident I would be getting a call back that night because I felt I had distinguished myself from the rest of the group. ( I am 19, was valedictorian, etc etc). However, that night to my dismay, I did not get a call back. This is where it gets weird. The next morning I was checking my emails, and by the off chance, I decided to check my spam folder. There on the top was an email from my casting director Jodi Thomas, and in the email, which was titled “NBC BIGGEST LOSER WASHINGTON DC CASTING CALL FAVORITES,” I was informed that unfortunately the crew had filled up their schedule with call backs, but that they wanted to inform me that I was a Top 40 contestant hopeful, and that I should now send in a 10-20 min video of my life.

    Have any of you ever gotten an email like this? My tape is due April 9, and I will be submitting, but I am in limbo because I have no clue as to why they couldn’t see me. Does it mean that I was at the bottom of that top 40 list, or was I at the top, so I skipped the interview process and went strait to sending in a tape? If anyone else has recieved something similar, let me know!

  16. @Danny. Unfortunatley I did not hear back from them. I love the show to death but the way they treat their hopefull contestants is awful. They should have a set date that they publically announce as the last day contestants will be notified. For all I know I could get a call tomorrow, but I don’t think it’s fair to tell someone they are a top 40 candidate and then not follow up.

  17. @Shawn, Man, that is awful! I had something similar happen. They told me that they wanted me to go on to the next step of the casting process and they asked that I send in a tape and fill out a bio and background check. Did you have to do all of that? They left me a number at 3 ball productions, and I call and never get anybody. Did you get a phone number too? Yes, I feel like they give people false hope and their attitudes are so blah about it. They have no idea how hurtful it is to think you might actually have a chance and then NEVER hear back from them. It takes time to do a video and fill out background checks and so on, so a courtesy call would be nice,:(

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