What happens at a Biggest Loser Audition / Casting Call?


Sione and Me

To be honest, it is a bit anti-climactic.  I mean after spending four or more hours in line (my first time I was in line for 8 hours), you are hoping to sit down with Bob or Jillian for a 30 min hows it going session – and that just ain’t going to happen.  After all that time in line,  you sit down at a table with 10 to 15 people that all want to get on the show and one casting director.  And the casting director asks everyone to state their name, what they do, how old they are, and how much they weight want to lose.  After introductions, the director asks one question – for both times I’ve tried out it was the same question – “why are we so fat in America?”

The five or six minutes that follow are crazy – everyone at the table has little time to say anything that will impress the director and a few personalities at your table will take every second of that time if you let them.  You have to find a way to pipe in, say something interesting, and get noticed.  Before you know it – the director cuts off the conversation and say something like -

Ok guys, I’m sorry I have to cut this short – we could spend all day talking about this, you know?  We will have some time while we are in town to talk to a few people for filmed interviews, but if you don’t get called back – it doesn’t mean I didn’t like you or think you could be right for the show; This isn’t the end of the road for you!  Go to and there are instructions there to submit a video.

Please leave your paperwork in front of you.

a blury Dane and Blaine

a blury Dane and Blaine

That’s it! Its over – you either did or you did not make the cut.  Like I said, a bit anti-climatic.  But there is so much more you can walk away with than those 10 mins!  Remember, you are in line for hours!  And you are in line with a bunch of Type-A personalities.  These are some of the coolest people to hang out with.  Of course, in a group this size (HA – pun intended!) you will have a few very obnoxious people – but you can choose to enjoy those people too.

Like the trainer that was auditioning to be on the biggest loser today (yeah, NBC is auditioning trainers – hmmm, wonder ’bout that) – she stepped out of line – went out to the middle of the courtyard where everyone could see her and started doing jump, sqaut, pushup jumping jack things!  Very obnoxious – I enjoyed watching her make a fool of herself.

There was a line nazis beside me in line that spent no less than an hour yelling things like HEY – you can’t skip in line to people ahead of us that can’t even hear her.  Someone told her karma would get anyone skipping in line – to which she replied “By the time Karma works, those guys will have already had their interview and gone home today – Karma’s a bitch BECAUSE she takes too long!”  I laughed at that one.

My favorite was all those around me that didn’t want to be filmed by the local news crew that came out to cover the event.  They would duck behind others in line when the camera came by – think about that for a second… they are trying out for the Biggest Loser TV show, but don’t want to be seen on TV.

The event didn’t begin until 10am and they said on the website – don’t line up more than 3 hours early but I knew others wouldn’t follow that and I was right.  When I got there at 6am, close to 200 people had already lined up.  This was the pre-line because we weren’t allowed to line up at the door across the street – so we lined up on the sidewalk.  At about 7, we were given the ok to cross the street and line up at the door – and at first it seemed like our line was going to cross over in an orderly fashion – until some people from across the other corner were seen running to the door… then suddenly – STAMPEDE!  I’ve never seen so many fat people running at the same time.  Yes, I ran.  Otherwise I would have gone from about 200 to maybe 3 or 400th in line.  I ended up at 122nd in line.

I’m sure I was one of the obnoxious in the group, saying things like “Wow the competition this year is HEAVY” and “this is the longest line of fat people I have ever been in that doesn’t end in a buffet”  Cheesy, I know… but it got a laugh from those around me.  I also enjoyed getting to know people in line with me.  I met Richard, a deaf person in line with me whose friend I met on twitter before the audition – @luxechandelier.  I hope he makes it.  I also met a mother/son team, she was in her sixties and they drove all night from another state to come to the audition.  I hope they got a call too.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I enjoyed going.  I didn’t get called back.  But I still talk to the people I met in line last year and I hope to keep in touch with some of the interesting people I met in line this time too.  And as you can see from the pictures, I got to met a few Biggest Loser celebs as well.

Did you audition?  I’d love to hear your story too – leave me a comment.


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