Why is Subway’s Flatbread Length a Mistery? Is it 6″ or 12″?

You would think finding out if the flatbread has more calories than other options like wheat would be a very simple matter, right? I mean, just go to Subway’s website and click on the nutritional information link and check. How hard could that be?

Well, its more difficult than you think. First thing you notice is that all the subs on the chart mention their length (6″ verse 12″) EXCEPT the flatbread ones. No big deal, just click on breads and compare them there, right? Wrong!

On the breads, just like the subs, all are listed with the length EXCEPT flatbread. Six inch wheat has 210 calories but flatbread is listed as 220 calories. So is that for 12″ flatbread or 6″ flatbread? Hmmm… maybe we can figure this out by compairing the calories on the subs.

The 6″ ham on wheat without cheeese is 290 calories. It says explicitly that it is “without cheese”. So lets compare to the Ham on Flatbread – 300 calories. Ah, it must be for the 6″right? Wait… it doesn’t say without cheese. AND there is a footnote that all subs are listed WITH cheese EXCEPT the 6 grams of fat or less subs or otherwise noted. Ham on flatbread is 7 grams of fat.

Well – clearly if the Ham on Flatbread is 300 calories WITH cheese and the 6″ ham on wheat is 290 calories without cheese, then the 300 calories COULD be for the 12 inches, right? WRONG!

The ham on flatbread does NOT include cheese despite the website indicating that it does and I was able to confirm this from Subway’s twitter stream (@subwayfreashbuzz) – the flatbread is 220 calories for the 6″ length and is 10 calories more than wheat.

Why is this so difficult? I don’t know but the confussion has caused a lot of people to miscount their calories for the day by the hundreds. And when food journaling seems to be the only working method to lose weight for a lot of people, that is huge.

The final word here – if the calories seem to few to be true – don’t trust ’em! You ARE eating more than you think – better to over esteemate than under!

PS – you aren’t burning as many calories exercising as you think either – but that is another post for another day…

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