87 days until I turn 44

A lot has happened in the last 2 years since I posted here. I made a lot of progress in my A1C number, getting it down to 7.4 I think at the last check. I lost a good bit of weight during covid – going from 265lb to 235lbs, but don’t rejoice just yet, I’ve put 25lbs back on and this morning I’m 260lbs and my blood sugar has been running very high again over the last couple months – likely related to my weight gain.

I have 87 days until I turn 44. I started this blog years ago to focus on weight loss. And by many accounts, I’ve seen some success – I was at one point in this blog’s history, +295lbs. So even at 260lbs, I’m better than I started, but still struggling a bit.

My current focus is diabetes. So here are my very short term goals:

  1. Take my medication every day
  2. Test my blood sugar every day
  3. Get 10k steps as measured by my fitbit watch
  4. Cut clearly sugary foods out of my diet (sweet cereal, candy, BBQ sauce, etc)
  5. Go to the gym with my son 3 or more times per week (this is a stretch goal)
  6. Keep track of these goals daily

That’s it. 6 goals. 87 days.

The outcome I’m hoping for is a lower A1C. I don’t have 87 days for that one – my blood work is scheduled for Aug 17th – which is only 47 days away and based on my recent glucose numbers could still be up from the last check even if I am successful in all my goals. I’m prepared for that mentally.

I believe I will lose some of my recent weight gain along the way but its not a primary goal. Any weight lose will be a secondary benefit.

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