A boring post about my new Asics Gel-Super J33 shoes

Asics Gel-Super J33

This is my new shoe. I plan to put about 300 miles on this shoe by Christmas. I’ll get a new pair to run in for the last two weeks of training before the marathon.

Before you give me any grief about breaking in new shoes before I run a marathon, I’ll have you know the first marathon I ran, I bought new shoes (Nike Free) the day before the race – and they felt great. Well – except for the fact that the Nike Free shoe picks up rocks due to the design of the sole, but thats another story.

This post sucks. Its not exciting or entertaining. Its just to document that I bought new shoes and I plan to track how many miles I have on them. Most likely in the sidebar – I have an idea for a number showing the miles I’ve run and a background image that fades as the number goes higher.

I haven’t written that code yet – so it may never happen. But that’s what I want to do. That’s it. Sorry for the boring post.

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