A Disappointing Weigh-in – A Difficult Superbowl

I didn’t lose any weight this week. Its the fifth week on the program and other than the modifications I’ve already stated (like diet soda), I’ve stuck with this program without cheating.

I’ve lost 22 lbs since January 1st. That’s not terrible but last year before the marathon I was down to 263 lbs and currently I’m still at 266 lbs. I know I should celebrate the 22 lbs down this year, but all I feel is 3 more pounds before I can start losing weight.

I know there have been both positive and negative tones throughout the last few years of this blog – to be honest I’m not sure where I am right now. I hate excuses but I make them constantly. I despise laziness yet I refuse to work out. I’m a walking paradox right now – living out the Apostle Paul’s infamous words – those things I want to do I don’t and those things I hate, I do.

The good news? I’ve been pretty successful on this program and I believe I can improve. I’ve fail in food every single time I’ve tried in the past but this time feels different. Last night was the Superbowl was on and we had friends over and a huge spread of cheese, wings, crackers, dips, and all kinds of things that I can’t have.

It was VERY difficult to stay on the diet and I even told everyone in the house that I had already decided to cheat but each trip to the kitchen was met with support from my friends and family to stay health and by the end of the night, I had successfully staved off the temptations.

The most difficult part of last night was watching Wes Welker drop that ball in the endzone for what would have been an amazing Patriots win… but that’s a story for a different blog… 🙂

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