A journey to lose 150lbs… Or Quit trying…

The title of this post has been the tag line on my blog for a couple of years now. I’ve decided to change it today but wanted to take a moment to honor the idea. I started this blog at 308lbs but my heaviest weight in life was 330lbs. I want to get down to 180lbs, and that inspired the tag.

I have “quit” and started again many times and my current weight shows that I’ve made more progress this year than ever (250lbs). My current focus is to drop 15lbs – putting me at 235lbs. That will put me at my high school graduating weight… high school “skinny”. I believe I can accomplish that goal by the end of the summer. My ultimate goal is still 180lbs or lower.

My new tag line: another blog about weight loss… failure. I think that tag will seem “dark” to a lot of people, but so is the title of the site itself “I Quit… Again!”. In truth, this journey to lose weight is more about my failures than my successes, more about the journey itself than the destination. I believe the new tag line reflects that.

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