A Letter from a Friend

Dear Dale,

Its easy to get discouraged – trust me, I know.  Since you broke 285lbs over five years ago, you’ve never been able to drop below it.  I know just how frustrating that can be, but you will drop below it!  This last week was a hard one on you – both your kids were sick, then you were too, which kept you from getting your workouts in.  You gained three pounds this week, abandoning your diet through self-defeating behavior, but its not the end of the journey for you and you can push on.

DON’T QUIT – despite the name of your website, you can’t quit this time!  I have faith in you – so do many others.  We want to see you succeed; No one more than I do!  This isn’t a diet, its not like any other time – this time IS DIFFERENT!  Changing your life isn’t a simple matter and I know you are not going to make those changes overnight or without challenge.  But those changes are worth the effort, and you can make them – you will make them!

You’ve never met me – but I know all there is to know about you.  I’ve read every blog entry you have ever written (although I’m not subscribed to your RSS feed), I’ve read all of your tweets from twitter, your facebook status updates – I’m not stocking you, but I do know you.  I have personally treated you poorly; I know I said you have never met me – but I have met you, and I have treated you very poorly.  I’ve abused you, at times ignored you, and mistreated you.  I haven’t respected you in the past, but I do now and while this may sound conceded I want you to meet me.

I look forward to reading your blog entries over the next year.  Until we meet – be encouraged and keep going… DO NOT QUIT!

Wondering who I am?  I’m you – only a year down the road, healthier and thinner.  And I’m sorry for the way I have treated you over the years.


The skinny you – the Dale you haven’t met – YET!

4 thoughts on “A Letter from a Friend

  1. I’m with the future you! You can do it!! You’ve done great things already, and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t have a few hiccups along the way.

    So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back into it!! Tomorrow is a new day.

    Keep up the good work !!

  2. Yup! You CAN do it! To expect this journey to be without its bad days (or weeks) would be unrealistic…..but a day (or a week) is just a blip in the big picture .

    Keep your eye on the Dale of the future…..learn who he is, what he does, how he eats, waht he wears……realize that he is YOU!

  3. I’ve got bad news for you. Well, I guess it could be good news. The author of your latest post… yeah, he is stalking. Your future you is hunting you down, like a thief in the night and quicker than sand through an hour glass. It’s true he’s hunting you down.

    Here’s the good news. You know he is coming. If you know the thief is coming you can prepare your home. . In this case you can prepare your home so well, that when this stalking does arrive (and he will) you can greet him. You can get ready to defeat this foe

    You can greet him and make him an ally. Every run, every piece of crap food not eaten you prepare to greet this stalker when comes. Prepare well enough and this stalker/hunter does not have to be a debt you. Rather, this present stalker can become an asset you get to enjoy.

    He will come. How will you greet him?

    You can do it!!!

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