Almost done with week 5…

Its one day before the first day of the last week of the six week challenge… Did you follow that? I’ve been following the Eat to Live 6 week program for the last 5 weeks and I’ve decided that after week six I’m going to start the six weeks over again but this time without soda and with a work out routine.

So far I’ve lost 22 lbs – tomorrow that should change to 23 or 24 lbs lost. The number of pounds lost in the sidebar are from 308 lbs – which I weighed when I started this blog a few years ago.

I need to drop another 3 lbs to match my lowest weight while training for a marathon. But to be far, I was only at 263 for a day or so… I’d like to see the 250’s soon, but I don’t want to rush it.

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