Am I really committed to losing weight???

I’m not sure that I am. I mean, yesterday I simply didn’t log my food intake – not because I ate poorly, I just didn’t bother to log it. Today my workout was weak at best and I not only didn’t keep a good log – I took the family out to eat and ate poorly.

Do I really want to lose weight? I’ll say of course but the truth is I believe in action, not intentions – and my action is speaking against my best intentions. Last week I mentioned St Paul’s quip about doing those things we do not want done and not doing the things we do want done.

While it may not be great hermanutics to apply this passage to my personal weightloss struggles, it sure does seem to speak directly to the way I’m feeling right now. I want to lose weight, but I seem to treat this journey like a desire to play the piano… I wish I could play, but I’m never going to take lessons or practice playing even if I did…

What must happen for me to take this on with the same zeal and consistancy that I tackled my career? I’ve become very successful in IT, dispite not having a degree (until this year). I started cleaning printers and terminals in 1998. I worked long hours and taught myself what I needed to know in order to move up from point of sales support to corporate desktop support to server support, to infrastructure design and engineering, and finally on to enterprise architecture. Not to mention my website design work over the last several years.

Why can’t I get ahead of my health issues??? Is it really harder to lose weight than to design multi-million dollar computer systems?

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