Another Day One

This isn’t the first time I’ve started a new diet program. As with every other “day one” – I’m hopeful that this could be the last “day one”.

Anyway – I ate all vegetables and fruit today but not without cheats. I drank diet soda today and I ate a “health food” cookie that Stephanie made out of oats, dates, and peanut butter. Aside from that I had an orange and an apple for breakfast, a salad for lunch, spaghetti squash for dinner and homemade split pea soup for a late night snack.

There were several between meal fruit snacks in there too. It wasn’t a terrible day, but I still don’t have a good meal plan down for the week so I’m concerned that I am setting myself up for failure.

For the next six weeks – I’m following a strict “Eat to Live” diet plan (more on that later?). I plan on weighing in once a week and blogging about my food choices and struggles along the way. I’m both jaded and hopeful at the same time…

2 thoughts on “Another Day One

  1. Hi Dale, I understand your pain. Over the past many years I have been on and off diets without much success. My goal now is healthy living with eating right and exercise and hopefully I will shed some weight. Good Luck

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