Anxious about weigh in day…

This Sunday will be week two. My second weigh in. Last week I lost 13 lbs – which sounds like amazing biggest loser style weight loss, but I know it was mostly (if not entirely) water weight.

This week I shouldn’t be able to say that, so if I lose a lot of weight, its likely “real” weight loss. My problem is – what is a lot of weight? And what if I don’t? If I lose two pounds, I know I should be happy… but I know I won’t be.

I don’t know what I want to see on that scale. Currently I weight 275 lbs – according to last weeks weigh in. If I weigh in at 270 lbs – that would be a 5 lb loss, but would I be happy? If I lose 10 lbs I would be at 265 lbs – would that be a good number?

I just don’t want to be discouraged. Eat to Live is a great program – at least, I think it is. I guess Sunday I will find out if it measures up to the scale…

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