Biggest Loser Blog Edition: My WI #10 of 16

On Top of the Mountain
On Top of the Mountain

You knew it was coming…


Truth is, I’ve likely gained more like 3 or 4 but after a morning hike up Thunderbird Park Mountain on Saturday – I was  only one pound up from last week’s weigh in.  Why have I gained?

Because I quit – plain and simple.

I know – I’m not supposed to quit – but I have no better excuse.  I’ve eaten like I’m on no diet – and I only worked out three days for the week.  The truth is, on the day’s that I did workout, I ate like I burned 10k calories – even though I actually only burned about 500-600 per workout.

Regardless – the end result is that I gained weight.  In fact, I was so ashamed of my gain – that I didn’t email my results to the Biggest Loser Blog Edition…

What am I doing to fix this?

Great question.  I did join a gym that a co-worker goes to so that we can work out during lunch hours together.  I also went hiking Saturday with a good friend of mine (Thanks again, Paul! I had a blast).  I’m working on getting my calorie burn up, but to be honest, the real issue is:

I quit logging my food

That’s a cardnal sin for weight loss!  Logging every bite, every time is crucial to keeping the calories down.  How do I get back on THAT horse?  I’m up for suggestions – I know many of my readers have successfully lost weight and kept it off – how did you do it? Assuming you logged your food – what kept you to doing it?

13 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Blog Edition: My WI #10 of 16

  1. You’re not the only one – I gained a few pounds after hiking Camelback Mountain on Saturday. 🙁 I’m not going to give up…every day I will keep trying and start all over again if I have to.

    When I lost 40 pounds 3 years ago, it came off fast because I wrote down everything I ate and I noticed that I thought twice (maybe more!) before I ate something and asked myself, “Do I really want to eat that and friggin’ write it down?” also I kept reminding myself – “This piece of cake is going to only taste good for 3 minutes after I eat it… skinny tastes better and lasts longer”.

  2. I also need to keep track of the bites! I have no problem with meals, it is the tasting this or that while I am cooking, clearing the table, making lunches. 🙁 This is the first time in my life I have ever had to lose wieght after having back surgery, at the age of 52. It is hard, I don’t think it will get any easier. I will continue on, thank you for your honesty in your blog.

  3. Is there some sort of tool that may make this easier? Maybe even if it is a tiny notepad in your pocket all day? An iphone app (I know you want an excuse Dale) or some other tool?

  4. LOL what keeps me doing it? I gained back 75lbs when I stopped the first time!!! Trial and error. Trial and error. 🙂 Live and learn and all that stuff that sounds so totally unhelpful.

    Have a look at my last blog post – you’ll see 2 large gains of around 10ish pounds or so. Those were times I stopped logging food. The first one took me less than 2 weeks to gain back I think it was 11 or 12lbs! Some of that was water but it still hurt!!

    I’m one of those people who can eat something and totally forgot that I ate it. I’ve been sitting here eating, logging my food and STILL forget to write stuff down AS I’M LOOKING AT IT!!! ugh lol

    So, for me, it is a definite requirement. I just accept that fact. Plus it tends to keep me honest. I’m and expert at playing head games with myself…”oh it wasn’t that much..don’t worry about counting those calories.” All those “not muches” equals whole lotsas!

    And I will say that there are times when I don’t log (no I’m not perfect) and I actually UNDER EAT! It really just depends on my frame of mind that day I guess. If I’m totally committed then I tend to eat less. If my stamina is down I tend to eat more.

    So, think of it as if you log your food you might get to eat more!! PLUS it has helped me to find ways to get more food for fewer calories. And I LIKE food. A LOT!! I need huge quantities to feel satisfied.

    I used Diet Power Software. There’s also Calorie King. Or Fit Day is free to use online.

  5. I use’s The Daily Plate to track food eaten. Once you’ve added a few regular items the upkeep is pretty easy. Even easier if you use the iPhone/iTouch app. Also tracks exercise and sets a daily calorie goal based on your BMR and weight loss goals (e.g 2lbs a week).

  6. I was going to suggest what the others already did. either a notebook/pen in your pocket or a PDA/iphone thing.

    Or to go to an extreme just write it on your stomach and then write it all down in the evening and add calories/carbs- etc to add up the total- having to read it off your stomach should keep in mind what your aim is.

  7. Toby uses the iphone app and loves it, I simply write eveything in a small notebook. I’m addicted to feedback and I’m very goal oriented. It was a habit that I started after my 1st pregnancy and 3 pregnancies later its helped shed the 40, 50 and 35 pounds, in that order, of baby weight. Come on Dale you can do this! Any guy who makes a tie out of register tape from UDF can write down food choises!!!

  8. I am on WW and there is an online tool that tracks everything. Sometimes I don’t want to journal it because, well, let’s face it, it is embarrassing to have to click THREE crunchy tacos and a burrito and TWO orders of cinnamon things. I feel like the people at the website are shaking their heads and clucking, shame, shame. BUT, then it is there, and I can’t just pretend I didn’t do it, and do it AGAIN. Well, I will do it again, but not today. That is as good as I can do!

  9. When I was losing weight a couple of years ago, on-line journals didn’t work. I kept a very simple log RIGHT NEXT TO THE REFRIGERATOR…. and it worked to keep me from just reaching in and grabbing something whenever I was in the kitchen.

    I don’t journal anymore but I mentally track what I eat pretty well. I’m up about 3 pounds over the last 2 years and I know the journal was instrumental to help form the habits.

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