Biggest Loser Blog Edition: My WI #11 of 16


After last weeks gain – I put more into my workouts.  I went hiking on Tuesday in the morning, and again on Thursday morning with my son – both times I took the 2.8 mile loop that climbs sharply up the mountain and then through several switchbacks comes down the north side.  I even got Stephanie to go with me Thursday afternoon on what turned out to be a four mile hike from hell (read more about that here).  I went to the gym on my lunch hour on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.


But all the workouts had an affect on my appetite and I found myself eating more than ever, which in itself wouldn’t be a bad thing if I were eating healthy snacks and meals but I ate junk – LOTS OF IT.  The workouts were awesome – I really enjoyed them – but the night time snacking was off the charts.


Let’s cut to the chase – I GAINED ANOTHER POUND – breaking back into the 290’s.  I’m at 290 lbs.  I did email my results to Lynn for the Biggest Loser Blog Edition competition knowing that my gain was a hit for the team.  Sorry Team Lean!

I meant to get this post out on Sunday – but here we are on April 1st and I really wish this was a not so funny April Fools joke – its not, I gained for the second week in a row.

Speaking of April

I intended to make April a themed month called A Series of Unfortunate Events where I would have an athletic event each Saturday.  My first thoughts were to swim 5 miles on the first Saturday (in a heated lap pool taking breaks – not a cold river or lake where I would cramp, drown, and die!), ride 100 miles on my bike the second Saturday, run a half marathons distance the third Saturday, and accomplish some version of a triathlon on the forth Saturday that might look something like: Swim one mile, bike twenty miles, run five miles.

I am debating putting that off to May – mostly because I have several Saturday scheduling conflicts and haven’t working out the details for the events yet – but May doesn’t look any more promising regarding those scheduling conflicts so why put it off?  Any thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Blog Edition: My WI #11 of 16

  1. Sounds like a good plan. Challenging yourself for all those tough events could make you more of an endorphin addict, just don’t convince Stephanie to do the half marathon with you 🙂

  2. Re: your 4 week fitness goal. Why try to make it all in a calendar month? Why not just start now?

    Or, last year I was in the best shape in a while by saying I’d do an Ironman before going on vacation with a friend. And then did a little bit a handful of times a week and logged each workout faithfully. Having an end date to complete the goal was better for me than setting a starting date. BTW, I didn’t make the bicycle miles, but got the run and swim done…. in about 6 weeks.

    I enjoy your blog and wish you well in your journey.

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