Biggest Loser Blog Edition: My WI #12 of 16

The tides are turning!  I lost a pound this week to put me back into the 280’s – 289lbs to be exact!  I put a lot of time into working out – in fact, I’m actually 5 weeks into a new workout routine that I think contributed to my issue (not an excuse, just an observation).  I started working out three days a week in the gym plus two days a week hiking a mountain trail near my house.

Now, you might want to say – oh! you gained muscle… I don’t think so – what I believe happened was simple – I started working out, which increased my appetite, which I allowed to turn into bad calorie snacks after 9 or 10 at night.  I know – BAD DALE!

It took me this long to stop the late night snacking and start paying attention to my dietary intake again.  I’m going to start some low tech pen and paper food journal for a while to get me back in the mode.  I also made a promise to my wife that as long as she cooked dinner for the family – I would refrain from snacking after dinner was done for the evening – that’s been hard but the promise has helped keep me on track!

The result of my corrected eating patterns has allowed me to bring the balance back and drop a pound this week…  I still struggle daily, but I HAVE NOT QUIT!

3 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Blog Edition: My WI #12 of 16

  1. I think I might follow your lead and do the pen & paper for a bit, too. They were doing some maintenance on the BodyBugg site this past weekend so I had to write it all down and even pre-planned most of it … and I ate better than I have in a LONG time! Not sure why it is, but it is 🙂

    Oh. And I just sent you a friend request on FB.

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