Biggest Loser Blog Edition: My WI #9 of 16

It doesn’t take a math wiz to notice that big red 20 in the right sidebar hasn’t changed in weeks – My weight Saturday was 288lbs – AGAIN.  Some might say, “but hey, at least you aren’t GAINING the weight back that you have lost so far”.

Well… I’m trending in the wrong direction.  All week I was around 290lbs but after a good Friday night and a Saturday morning bike ride, I was down to 288lbs.  If I don’t change the direction I’m trending, you guys will see my weight go up and the big red 20 go down…

I haven’t quit!  Ok, I guess that is arguable.  I did start a new workout routine last week that I hope will stick, but my diet has been atrocious.  Late night snacking has been BAD and my sweet tooth has brought an army.  I find myself finishing the last bite of some ridiculous sugar snack after 10pm or even 11pm thinking “Why did I go get this again?”

To be honest, were it not for this blog – I would  have completely quit already.  But I don’t want to fail again.  I don’t want to quit again.  When I started this blog, I had this  romantic idea that my weight loss chart would look like the Dow Jones has since November – consistent rapid downward plunge.  That just hasn’t been the case.

How do I get out of this funk?  What am I going to do different this week?  How can I stop the late night snacking? Why do I keep falling into this same ditch?  Will I ever know what it feels like to NOT be fat?

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  1. Just thought I would comment and give ya some support! Just remember there are people reading your blog, therefore your gains/loses are known!! LOL how’s some public shame for help? LOL- just kidding!

    You have kept me inspired (even with your trip-ups!) and I am down another couple pounds! My brother has even gotten in on helping me and comes with me on my walks a few times a week- so that helps me.

    Life is a journey: enjoy the scenic route!

  2. I think I asked this before, but why is the ‘junk’ in the house, within ready access for you to grab? You really have to stand up for yourself, that’s all there is to it. If your spouse won’t support you, then you’ll have to be that much stronger. It just seems like sabotage (whether self or outside parties) is going on, and I know how you feel. You can’t let someone else’s insecurities hold you back. You can’t let your OWN insecurities hold you back. Want this, and make it happen. Take the junk and feed it to the scorpions and chipmunks that live outside…..or whatever else roams around there in Arizona backyards 🙂 Shove it down the trash compactor. When are you going to realize that you are worth more than you are giving yourself credit for?

  3. Hey there brother,
    I know it gets tough sometimes. I have my moments too. I’m sure there’s not one thing I can say about eating that you don’t know and haven’t heard a million times. It’s hard to be consistent. I can say that I’m praying for you and want you to succeed, it that’s any help, lol.
    So, have you heard from the biggest loser auditions? When will you know if you get a chance or not? Hoping for that too…..I know you would be great in that show and entertaining as well. A good thing we can look forward to, is soon it will be Pool time. That’s how I’m hoping to step up some of my exercise routine…

    Quote for the day…
    “Achievement seems to be connected with action.
    Successful men and women keep moving.
    They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” by Conrad Hilton..

  4. I think I have to agree with Miragi. “Why is the junk in your house?”. By your own admission you aren’t strong enough to resist those temptations and if you are take your food-a-holic thought seriously, you should avoid it. As someone whose has close family in AA let me tell you they don’t hang out in bars they don’t go near the temptation. Maybe you should clean up your house.

    just a thought.

    1. @Jason and @Miragi – Regarding junk food – I didn’t say I was eating cookies, chips, or candy – growing up my Mom used to make cinnamon toast as an after dinner desert – that takes bread, butter, sugar, and cinnamon. Another after dinner treat I grew up with was bread, butter, and jelly. Now, you could argue that we shouldn’t have any jelly in the house – MAYBE even argue against having sugar in the house, but no Mac and Cheese for the kids? No Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches? Ok, fine – just veggies and fruit – only eating a lot of fruit IS eating a LOT of calories. And if you add ranch or any type of veggie dipping sauce…

      But being a food addict is unlike any other addition in that no matter what kinds of food you remove from the house – there will still be food in the house. I’m addicted to FOOD, not just junk food. Any food can put weight on you if you eat too much of it.

      Let’s not forget – my wife is pregnant – with cravings and all. She eats anything and everything she wants – and still lost 2lbs last month! I’m not blaming her for my addiction, just pointing out some of the challenges I’m facing.

  5. Dale I have some advice man, I just had a tooth pulled and it was a really big tooth and I was in the dental chair for about 3 and 1/2 hours, but in this last week I have probably lost about 10 pounds so I figure if you start at the back teeth and work your forward for the next eight to ten weeks you could hit your target weight. Good luck man.

  6. lol that could work, and then he wouldnt have any teeth to eat with! To get on the serious side though, The hardest part I find is not eating at night, other than that, everything else is fine. You should set up some sort of challenge, sort of like your month to live, but this time maybe make it only a week, and the challenge would be to go a whole week without eating past 9:00 or something like that! Just take it one day at a time my friend. Think of it as driving down a highway, you can never see into the distance, only whats in front of you, but if you keep going and persevere you will end up at your destination in no time 🙂

    1. @ChrisM – thanks for the encouragement – The week challenge is a great suggestion for no snacking… Maybe I’ll give that a shot starting NEXT week… 😀

  7. I understand the frustration that you’re describing. In my journey, I hit a bump at 220, 210, and 205. However, each time I just continued to do the same things I had been doing, and eventually I broke through those barriers. The 220 and 205 barriers both lasted WEEKS.

    When I tell people what I’m doing to drop the weight, they normally tell me I’m crazy. However, the trick for me is to do the SAME THING EVERY DAY. My ability to make consistent smart eating decisions on a daily basis stinks. The only way for me to know that what I’m eating is OK is to eat the same meals every day with very little variation. This is easy for me because I’m single with no kids and eat out every night. However, I realize that it may not be practical for a man with a wife and kids.

    Still, the concept of keeping a very strict routine may help. If you know exactly what you’re going to do before you do it, it’ll reduce the chance of you slipping up. Don’t give up!

    Oh, and remember, it takes a single-minded obsession! You can do this!

  8. For the moment, I’m agreeing with Blind Squirrel. For me, I’ve never dieted before. I mean truly, I think I decided to count calories at one point because I found this cool website about it, but gave up within 3 days. Dieting is just never been something I wanted to commit to. But so far, I’ve been eating the same things for about 3 weeks and still losing weight. I had about 3 or 4 days where I weighed the same (hit a plateau) and it was very discouraging, but I continued to eat the same things, all the while, saying oh boy, it’s not working anymore, it’s not working. But to my amazement, a few days later 2 more pounds came off! Whoo hoo. So I think he’s got something there with his remarks because it has proven true for me so far.
    I know absolutely nothing about dieting and would never purchase a book. I think it’s a serious commitment matter in my brain regarding persistence and a willingness to follow through. I would always think and say I wanted to lose weight, but could never commit with action. For me, that is the hardest part to admit that I am just weak and not willing to do something about it, so I would just say I wish I could lose weight. In my mind – One day is easy; it’s the each and every day part that makes me cringe, so I would never even try. I think I am finally realizing, it’s a battle to follow through with what I say I feel inside by sticking to my routine, and it’s difficult, but it sure is teaching me a whole lot about myself and my willingness to commit to MYSELF, matching my heart with my actions.
    So I guess it can be compared to the biblical concept of faith without works is dead. So I believed all along I wanted to lose weight, but now doing something to make that happen was on an entirely different level. I think I’m learning to bring the two halves together, painfully and slowly and I’m sure, not without some failure. But this is my greatest hope, that I would learn perseverance and commitment that I not only believe in my mind, but that I follow through consistently with action. If I can learn to master my body, I wonder what else might be possible for me 

    Funny Quote for the day: All the things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal or fattening.” — Alexander Woollcott.

  9. Hey Dale,
    Just keep it up day by day, think of it this way: If I can do better or be better than I was yesterday, I’m making progress. If you have a bad day yesterday, make it a better day today.
    I did hear a joke about a older lady who never gained any weight and her neighbors asked her what her secret to weight loss was…she stated that every night she at 6pm she took her teeth out 🙂
    P.S. Don’t look at the scale as much as you look at your habits. The scale will take care of itself once the habits are being taken care of.

  10. I have to change my name. I keep getting follow up comments and I think people are talking to me and I’m like. “HUH? I never said that!”

    Late night eating is a thing for me too. The only thing I can suggest is to save calories so that you aren’t going over for the day. Another thing I do is have casein (not whey) protein shakes – they are low carb and fat. I buy vanilla that way I can add stuff to it if I want….fruit…and often sugar free jello mix – adds tons of flavor for less than 10 calories. I suppose if you don’t do artificial sweeteners you can still do the regular stuff – doesn’t take a whole lot to add flavor.

    I put a scoop with some ice and a little water in a blender and let it run until it has the consistency of a milkshake (secret is to not use too much water). It’s quite yummy!!

    And the gum thing they do on The Biggest Loser really does help me. I go through AT LEAST a pack a day. Usually 2. I’m an addict.

    After a 25 year long pack a day habit I quit smoking. I gained 40lbs on top of the extra 30 I already had. Then I had to lose it. Changing eating and lifestyle habits is about 8 gazillion times harder than it is to quit smoking. It’s like changing they way you breathe! Not an easy task. Changes are not going to feel right or even happen quickly LOL trust me on that…….it’s been 3 years since I started my weight loss journey……

    A few weeks back I stood here in my kitchen and ate an entire bag of chocolate granola for a total of 1430 calories. I did that in about oh 20 minutes. And then I went out and bough a full size bag of Combos and a half gallon of ice cream and just one single lonely Cadbury Creme Egg. I ate ALL OF IT! AND I HAD TO GO OUT AND BUY THE STUFF!! LOL not like I had it here…so, you’re not alone!!

    Part of the reason for that was the simple fact that I only slept 4 hours the night before, so I was exhausted, not really thinking clearly, and plain just didn’t care. Much. Until later! 😉

    So, if you’re having issues with the “just say no” thing at night, maybe just go to bed? I’ve done that…there are times when I know if I don’t just go to sleep I’m going to end up eating even if I’m not hungry.

    Know this, the absolute only way you “won’t know what it feels like to NOT be fat” is to quit making the effort. If something isn’t working you can try something else. Just always keep trying and you WILL get to wherever it is you BELIEVE you can be. You may have to use your faith here – many people don’t *really* believe it’s possible for THEM…they believe it’s possible for others but not for themselves. Or they at least have doubts.

    You are trending in the right direction. Down is good. Same is good – unless you are talking about trending toward lack of motivation or slipping backwards in terms of habits. Just look at is as a learning experience and keep moving forward! You will certainly miss targets again and again. Some of them you will hit. Some you will soar past. It’s all good!

    So much of this is all in the head. In fact I believe it’s ALL in the head.

    Sorry for writing a book in your blog.

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