Biggest Loser Bust

Interviewed by the local media

Ok – I should have updated everyone sooner – I did not get called back to the Biggest Loser.  The casting director Brandon made a comment that stuck with me – “you may be a hit song tomorrow – but not a hit song today”.  They are casting charactors on a TV show – so no matter how great of a guy I am, if I don’t fit the charactor they are looking for this season, I’m not a “hit song” today.

That was the third time I have tried out for the Biggest Loser – I was able to met several of the former cast from the show – many of them I had met at the last casting call.  It was really cool when Sione recognized me from the last time I tried out – which to me just proves that I’m at least memorable.

I had a good time but I was convenced that if I didn’t get called back this time, that it was “third strike, you’re out”.  Last Saturday, after not getting called back, I was a bit down of course.  I woke up after a few hours of sleep and couldn’t get back to sleep – so I turned on the TV to the Christian television station, which I never watch, but at 3am it seemed like a safe station to put on.  Pastor Ed Young was on and guess who he had on his show?  Michelle, winner from the recent Biggest Loser season!  She talked about not giving up.  I thought God’s sense of humor was obvisous, but I said to myself “third strike, you’re out!”  Then Pastor Young talked about the Mona Lisa painting and explained how through x-rays and infrared, they determined that the Mona Lisa we see today is actually Leonardo da Vinci’s FOURTH attempt at the painting… a sign maybe?

Well, regardless – I had a blast and I will likely go again.  In the mean time, check out the pictures I have on facebook from the event:

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