Biggest Loser Casting Call – 3rd Times the Charm

I’m trying again for the Biggest Loser – my 3rd time.  Its in a few hours, I’m already getting excited as if I were going to be picked… which is like buying a lottery ticket and EXPECTING to win…

Why do I get myself excited about these things?  I know I have the personality for the show and I know I have the weight to lose – but will I stand out? Is there anything about me that will catch the attention of the 20-something casting director today?  Who knows?

Why do I want to be on the show?  Because I’m addicted to food and I haven’t found anything that works for me.  The idea that I could unplug from TV, Internet, Cell Phone for 3 months and focus on losing weight sounds like an amazing, life changing, experience.

Anyway, I’ll make certain to meet interesting people while I’m there, twitter a few pics as well, and blog an interesting anecdote when I get back…

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