Can Google+ help me lose weight?

I use technology to help me lose weight. Well, that’s the theory anyway. When I asked Google for the CR48 laptop they were handing out for free (the one I’m typing the blog out on right now), I mentioned that I use technology to help me lose weight. Now Google has launched Google+ and I wonder if I can use it for more than just another social networking page.

I have a long history of weight loss attempted through technology devices. I used to track my weight changes using a BodPod, a medical device that measures air displacement in order to determine muscle weight verses fat weight. When Nike first joined with Apple to create the Nike+ running system, I purchased an iPod, a new pair of Nikes, and the Nike+ system. When I got my Android phone, one of the first apps I downloaded was the MyFitnessPal app to track my food.

I began using my cell phone’s gps coupled with the iMapMyRun app to help me track my running workouts. I purchased the Nike+ Sports Watch when my phone just wasn’t cutting it. I picked up the Garmin ForeRunner 610 when the Nike+ Sports Watch just wasn’t cutting it. (Love the Garmin by the way but it turns my wrist green).

I started this blog in order to help me stay focused on losing weight. I spent the first six months trying to be something I’m not – a weight loss resource for others. Instead I found that IQA is a personal blog where I can track my progress – or lack of. Once I found my way, I have been able to use IQA to help me make progress; not just track it.

I haven’t been super successful in losing weight but I have been able to use technology to aid my journey. So… Can Google+ help me lose weight? I’m going to spend sometime looking through G+ in search of how this new social network service could help… Any ideas?

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