Can I eat healthy while traveling?

20131029_115628I ask myself this question all the time, because I travel for work. When I’m on the road, I’m on a company expense account and appetizers, steak dinners, and desserts are part of the deal. Sometimes I’m entertaining business partners, sometimes I’m the one being entertained and often I don’t get to pick the restaurant. So how could I possibly stay healthy while in these circumstances?

I found my answer by taking a step back and looking at how I eat out when I’m on my dime – where I also don’t find myself making healthy choices, but for a different reason. When my wife or others we are eating out with pick the place, its not normally a place known for great salads and even when it is, the salads are often not healthy once you consider the meat, cheese, caramelized walnuts, and dressings.

The reason I don’t eat healthy when I’m at home, I tell myself, is because once I ask the restaurant to remove the cheese, chicken, and dressing because of my hemorrhoids treatment – I’m left with a $12 place of iceberg lettuce! And I just can’t justify paying for THAT. Now here is where I found my help when I’m on the road.

I’m not paying for it. The company is. So why not have them remove everything I don’t want and have them add the things I do. I’m not paying for it, so yes I will have two sides of steamed veggies with my salad. And when I can pick the place, is there a salad bar near by?

The picture is my lunch from the company café – I know the Monster drinks aren’t at the best of healthy choices, but lets focus on the positive here! 🙂

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