Can I eat vegan without “being” Vegan? Can I really eat what my food eats?

Sometimes I feel like a one of those guys that is always working on the next get rich quick scheme, only instead of rich, I’m working on “get thin quick”. Having said that – lets go Vegan!

Ok – not exactly. A month ago I entered into a silly challenge with a co-worker that may have lasting implications. We were talking about addiction during a lunch break; more specifically we were talking about my weight loss journey and when one of the guys said “maybe if you just did little things like take off half the bun”, I replied with something like, “that works for someone trying to lose an extra 5 pounds – but I’m a food addict with over a hundred pounds to lose!”

Trying to find a relatable example, I suggested that “eating half the bun” would help me lose weight the same way “one less shot at dinner” would make an alcoholic better. He laughed because loves to drink as much as I love to eat. From there our conversation culminated in the following challenge:

For three weeks excluding weekends, I would eat only fruits, nuts, grains, and veggies. I would drink only water or 100% fruit juice. During that same time frame, he would not be allowed to drink alcohol. Yes, I did say excluding weekends and yes, it does appear that I got the short end of this challenge since I couldn’t drink soda or alcohol in addition to eating only fruits, nuts, grains and veggies.

This isn’t a blog about alcoholism, so I’ll not spend time explaining that this challenge was as tough for him as it was for me. I will say we both learned about ourselves over the weeks that followed.

Back to the point – during the challenge, I spent some time researching the vegan diet. A co-worker told me about the book “Eat to Live” and another told me about the documentary “Forks over Knives”. I found both fascinating. If you are interested, the documentary is on Netflix and the book is at Amazon and Audible.

I’ve always thought of Vegans as liberal PETA types. This isn’t a political blog, so I don’t plan to comment on PETA but I’ll say I don’t identify myself as a part of that ideological group. Regardless, the information regarding animal protein effects on the body where eye opening.

I have been attempting to implement the ideas from the book since the challenge ended. I I’ve been eating a large portion of my daily calories in vegetables, mostly cooked but the book suggests raw is better. I’m looking to expose my pallet to more diverse vegetables. I don’t know if I’ll be able lose weight with this latest get-thin-quick scheme, but I don’t think any of it is a bad thing.

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