Chinos, I hate you…

I’ve been doing pretty well on my new workout schedule as far as getting to the gym for over a month now – three days a week during lunch with a co-worker.  We actually have a whiteboard where we are tracking who cancels as an additional motivator (I don’t want a tick mark by my name, so I don’t cancel).  But today…

Let’s backup to Monday

A co-work suggested we get lunch at Chino Bandido’s – its a small hole in the wall Mexican/Chinese dive with extremely fating food that taste great and is cheap.  I LOVE THE FOOD, but I should NEVER GO TO CHINOS.  Monday I worked out with for lunch.


Twice I week I go to lunch with the guys at work to keep office relationships health (the all work and no play thing) – those days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Tuesday was going to be a Chino day.  Even though I know its a bad place regarding food choices, its really good team building to go to lunch together and for some reason Chino’s seems to be a place the whole team enjoys.  But Tuesday we had a lunch and learn with a vendor – that’s where a vendor comes in, provides some box lunch and presents their sales pitch on the latest technology they offer.  End result, no chinos.


Wednesday was another vendor lunch – but I had already agreed with my workout co-worker that we would skip it and go work out.  I was very proud of myself for skipping a free lunch to hit the gym – but in the end, the vendor canceled anyway.  Still, I had made the right choice when I thought I had one.


Team lunch time – going to head to Chinos – by now, my pallet is really starting to crave Chinos.  The whole team (just about) were in agreement to go… but we ended up in another lunch time meeting.  I know you might be thinking – man, you guys get a lot of free lunches – pardon the pun, that’s feast or famine – more famine than feast.  Sometimes (like this week) we have several vendors that want our attention, but most weeks that’s not the case – and when it does happen, the box lunch usually costs us the lunch downtime – but I digress… The point is, working lunch on Thursday, no Chinos.


Today I brought my workout clothes with full intention to hit the gym at lunch.  But my pallet was screaming chinos – everyday this week someone (I’m guilt but not the only offender) said “Chinos?”.  It was 11:30, I walked down to my desk from a meeting and before I could stop my mouth from speaking – I heard myself saying to my workout buddy – “if you wanted Chinos today, I wouldn’t say no…”  WHAT? Did I really just say that out loud? I do care, I want to go to the gym!  The Apostle Paul had it right when he said “I do those things I would not do, and do not do those things I want to do” – I’m paraphrasing…

Chinos was delicious!  I wish I had gone to the gym.  Chinos was delicious – and for that, Chinos – I hate you…

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