Does anyone care about my “journey”? I doubt it…

Who-CaresMonday I ran a 5k after work before a working dinner. It felt good and I was glad I did it because eating out for a working dinner is often problematic for the diet. We stayed out very late that night, so I over slept yesterday and didn’t get a morning run in.

I didn’t think it would be an issue because I would get out later that evening – but instead I had another working dinner that went late. It was an Indian food restaurant and I had some appetizer that I can’t really describe and have no idea what was in it. I also had fish covered in some sauce that was full of sugar. Then, partly because everyone else was ordering dessert and partly because I wanted to cheat – I got dessert.

This meant I wasn’t going to run AND I broke my diet. ARGH!

This morning, I’m back on track – I ran a 5k although I was quite slow. I don’t want to focus too much on my times when I do longer runs, but the 5k time I want to get to below 33 mins. I was almost 10 mins over that this morning. Regardless, I think I have found that running in the morning helps me stay on track for the diet all day.

This boring post of little to no insight that reads more like a mundane account of events than a blog post worth reading was brought to you by the letters Q and X…and the number 3.

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