Don’t eat the Marshmallow!

A group of four year olds were each put in a room alone with a single marshmallow with the instructions to not eat the marshmallow.  They were told if they succeeded in not eating the marshmallow after 15 mins, they would be given 2 marshmallows.  Some of the children were able to refuse the marshmallow in front of them for the promise of two later and some were not.  I’m in the latter category.

The study was a long term one attempting to see what the outcome would be for those children that were able to deny themselves for now in order to get what they wanted more in the long run.  A much larger scope than food – but I’m certain for me the two go hand in hand.  I’m an overeater and I would have eaten the marshmallow before the instructor left the room.  Maybe that is where I should start my weight loss journey over – self-denial everyday until it becomes a part of my culture.  Just a thought…

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