Early Morning – looking for a daily plan

I’m about to head out for a run – its 5:45am and I plan to run 5 miles this morning at around a 13 min/mile pace – that means if I leave in 15 mins I will be back home by 7:05 – giving me time to shower, dress, and hit the road to work (a 55 mile drive one way BTW).  How is it that I can plan the next two hours so precisly, but when you ask what my meal plan is for today I have no clear picture of what I want to do, how many calories I need to intake, or what foods I need to avoid, etc?

I need to start planning or I’m just not going to succeed.  I have been posting numbered posts (last post was marked #188) as a count down to how many days I have left until my 34th birthday.  The whole point was to keep it fresh in my mind that I have a limited number of days on this earth and I must live those days on purpose.

Yet when it comes to my diet, I am driven by the events of the day, the unplanned vendor lunches, the unexpected office parties, and the sweet tooth cravings.  There has been no intent in my eating habits, just reaction to the situations around me.  I have got to get ahead of this diet thing.  Eating whatever I want, whenever I want, and as much as I want is what put me at 330lbs to begin with – now I’m hovering around 275 and slowing moving up instead of down, despite the running.

I simply must plan my meals – I’m just not sure how to motivate myself to stop just thinking and talking and typing about it and start doing it!

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