Eat to Live – Part 2

Ok – I’m almost two weeks in to the “6 week challenge” of the Eat to Live program. My first post (Linked Here) wasn’t really about Eat to Live specifically but close enough that I consider this part two.

For those that haven’t heard of the book – its a vegan-like dietary plan. I say vegan-like because the author (Dr Joel Fuhrman) doesn’t go so far as to say never eat animal or animal by-products but he does say not to eat processed foods. So a vegan may be ok with eating soup from a can or a frozen dinner that isn’t made with animals or animal by-products but Dr Fuhrman would not be.

You can google (or bing) “Eat to Live in a nutshell” to get every other bloggers summation of the program, so I’m not going to add mine. I suggest you actually pick up a copy of the book or if you have a long commute to work like I do, get the audio book from

I have lost some weight (mostly water weight). When people ask what I’m going, I explain the plant based whole foods diet and they always ask if I’m hungry all the time. I’m not. I actually really enjoy the food and I’m never left hungry.

I’m not suggesting this is an easy diet necessarily. My biggest challenges are not with the food but the restrictions. I like salad. I like bean soups. BUT I also like pizza and cake and ice cream!

Anyway – I’ll keep you posted…

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