Fighting the Discouragement that comes with the Weight Loss Wall

I’m still “on the wagon” as far as the diet goes and I started working out regularly (running mostly). But despite this, I’ve not been able to drop below 250. In fact, I’ve put a few pound on and off over the last four weeks. Needless to say, I’ve been a bit discouraged over the last few weeks.

But yesterday, Scott (a co-worker and friend) commented regarding my facebook picture saying “Dale, you look really thin in that picture. I’ve really noticed a change.” What great words of encouragement when I needed it, right? In truth, I said thank you and I appreciated the comment but it didn’t do much on its own to curb my discouragement.

But then today and VP at my job stopped as she was passing me in the hall to say, “Dale, I almost didn’t recognize you! You are really looking great!” uh, WOW! I immediately thought about Scott’s comment the day before. The combination of the two really made me feel better about my recent weight loss “wall”.

Its really great to have people in your life willing to encourage you in order to keep you going through the less than easy times!

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