Finding my way back


That’s the number I’m turning in 85 days. Its been 2 years since I last published here. A LOT has happened in those two years, but regarding my health – no real change. I’m currently 268.2 lbs, my blood sugar is uncontrolled, and my body is failing at the “you’re turning 40 this year so just accept it” rate. I’m timid to make bold statements about my ability to make a change. I’ve seen some progress – I got down to 238 lbs at my last most successful effort, however like every other time, I gained the weight back. Not entirely without progress – I have actually managed to keep a little over 10 lbs off from my prior “set point” of 285 lbs.

Ok – enough small talk… I’m finding, fighting even, my way back. I have 85 days until I hit the BIG 4 OH! and I’d like to take off 20 lbs in that time. I think 20 lbs in almost 3 months is a safe, conservative, and most importantly healthy goal. I’m not looking for radical change. I’ve tried radical change and I’ve gotten consistent results – failure. If I can stay focused despite having a full time travel job – I’ll be under 250 lbs for my birthday. I’ll set a new goal for Christmas, which is exactly 90 days after my birthday.

So, if not radical change, how am I planning to do it? Here is my plan:

  • A salad for lunch everyday.
    This isn’t entirely difficult to accomplish and it actually provides immediate benefit in afternoon work meetings.
  • Reduced alcohol consumption.
    I know a lot of people might say “don’t reduce, eliminate!”, however dinner drinks are an important part of the work culture I’m currently in and as I said, I’m not looking for radical change.
  • Eliminate bread
    I don’t consider myself to be a big bread eater, but that’s because I’m pretending I don’t eat the bread they bring to the table before dinner or the sandwich at lunch or the croutons on the salad, etc, etc. I don’t think this will be a difficult change, but I do believe it could be an impactful one.
  • Eliminate sweets
    This seems like a no-brainer for a diabetic, but like many diabetics out there, I have a sweet tooth. I enjoy dessert. I enjoy candy. And I enjoy sugary meals in general. This will likely be the most radical change in my “not radical change” plan.

Where is drink more water on this list? Its not there. What about get 8 hours of sleep every night? Also not there. How about exercise – shouldn’t that be on the list? Probably, but no… its not there. Lets focus on the four areas I have listed above first… lets save some change for the 90 days following my birthday.

2 thoughts on “Finding my way back

  1. Hello, I stumbled onto your blog when trying to find a meme for “Quit, Quit again” a line from the movie All About The Benjamins. Anywho, I want to send encouragement and kudos your way for setting your four goals and sticking to them. I have been on my weight loss journey for about 2 years now and I will do great for about 3 months and then the old habits return; some of which I thoroughly enjoy. So, from one to another….keep going, stay patient and trust your journey.

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