Food Journal: Dec 22nd

I thought today was a good day… I woke up late and did not eat breakfast.  After Stephanie got up, we went to a local restaurant called “The Place” where I ordered the two egg breakfast.  It comes with two eggs, hash browns (which I subbed with a fruit cup), and two pancakes.  I asked for sugar free syrup even though I LOVE their blueberry syrup, AND I drank water instead of ordering diet coke.  I felt that although I could have done better, overall I had made a few good choices.  I had six egg whites with some salsa for my afternoon snack.

For Dinner, Stephanie and I went to Red Lobster.  We spend way more than we can afford going out to eat, but we didn’t completely indulge, we shared one entree (Snow Crab Legs) and the kids shared chicken strips.  I eat the salad and Stephanie had the potato.  I did not eat the awesome rolls they have there.

I know I should likely have stopped eating, but we went grocery shopping and brought home a lot of apples and pears – so I had two apples, a pear, and to solve a craving – four egg whites.  Yes, I’m an over eater – I know.

Anyway, I thought for the most part I had a pretty good day – until I added up the day’s numbers and saw my sodium count… 3,819mg!  Sodium is in everything!!!  Very frustrating.

I hope to watch my numbers over the next several days to see if there is any relationship with my sodium intake and my weight loss or gain the next day.

3 thoughts on “Food Journal: Dec 22nd

  1. Sodium plays a huge role in weight gain/loss. Cardiologists recommend 2,500 mg or less of sodium per day. It affects the water balance on a cellular level. The best way to counteract it is to drink about 100 ounces of plain water a day. That sounds like A LOT, but it’s only 20 ounces 5x a day. Spreading throughout the day is key.

    Also, “diet” products can cause severe sugar/carb cravings because your body expects the sugar to go with the sweetness, and then gets “dissapointed”. Egg whites are a good source of protien but are not a long-lasting protien and are relatively high in sodium.

    Hope the input helps. You are encouraging me to resume paying attention to the things which I know are affecting my own weight. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am learning what foods have sodium right now – it really missed it with the crab yesterday. And I didn’t realize how much sodium is in an egg! Eggs have been a major source of protein for me over the last few weeks – but now I think I’m going to have to rethink that.

      I’m encouraged to hear that my blog is encouraging you! My focus is of course on my own journey, but when I started the blog, I hoped others would also join me.

  2. Also, make sure you’re not cutting calories too drastically. Less than 1,800 to 2,500 calories a day for a person of your stature will cause your body to be in starvation mode which will be harmful in a couple of significant ways. #1 your body will be packing as much away as fat and water as possible because it thinks there isn’t enough. Also, it will make the cravings crash much much worse because when you do finally give in it will take SEVERE amounts of food to stop the crash. Moderation, not starvation will help with long term goals. Also try to keep the fat grams below 20 as this will maximize the calories you do take it.
    (This coming from someone who ate a dozen or so –yes I said dozen– homemade peanut butter cookies yesterday and washed it down with a tall glass of regular coke and then had a few more and then did the same (with only 4 cookies this time) for breakfast this morning) So I am sharing what I know while preaching to myself.

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