Food Journal: Dec 23rd

I’m not going to post a food entry everyday – but I do keep track everyday.  Today was, I think a pretty good day.  I am fustrated with the fact that sodium is in EVERYTHING.  Ok, not everything, jelly doesn’t have sodium – but I can’t eat jelly!  Anyway – I started out with Eggs, Salsa, and Oatmeal.  I had an apple for a mid-morning snack and a Walmart Chicken Cranberry Walnut Salad for lunch.  Then a light Peach Yogurt for an afternoon snack.

By the time I got to dinner, I realized that I hadn’t had a lot of calories – and I don’t want to starve myself.  So I ate spaghetti (no sauce) with shrimp and some parmesan cheese (kinda like having a homemade shrimp pasta alfredo, only much better for me, but not close to tasting as good).  Then my late snack (anything I eat after nine pm) turned out to be more like a second dinner – I had a chopped salad with an apple, some feta cheese, some cucumber slices, and romaine hearts.

I didn’t have any emotional eating today and no binges!  But I did have over 2,300 mg of sodium and not enough water…

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