Food Journal: Dec 24th

Today wasn’t bad at all – with one exception… Its Christmas Eve, I’m at the grandparents house and they have a large bowl of Ocean Spray Craisins.  They don’t have the package with the nutrition facts, so I google it.  I find Ocean Spray Cranberries and it says 30 calories for a half a cup and NO SODIUM!  I grab a cup full of craisins and chow while we play a game called fast track.  Then I think to myself… this is too good to be true.  So I double check – and yes, I’m sure you already noticed my error, it was too good to be true.  I had looked up cranberries – I was eating craisins… BIG calorie difference.  So instead of 60 calories, I just ate 390 calories!

Still – no sodiom; which is good because I eat a Burger King Chargrilled Chicken sandwich on the way over with 1,220mg!  Man the fast food will get you no matter how healthy a choice you think you are making.

Tomorrow will be the real challenge.  I know I haven’t come prepared – I don’t have a meal plan but I do have my wife with me to help me keep from overeating.  Its all homemade food and I have no good way of keeping track of the actual calories, but I am going to try… Merry Christmas!

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