For the first time in YEARS… I’m under

I’ve been losing weight recently (last week weeks) but for the most part – I have considered it water weight.  This morning – for the first time in over 5 years (maybe much longer) I weighed in at less than 280 lbs.  I know I still have a very very long road ahead of me, but still I’m happy with todays weigh in.

When I started IQA – I thought the blog would give me the extra motivation I needed to lose weight – it didn’t.  Before IQA – I tried cycling – I rode my bike three times a week when my commute to work was just under 20 miles each way!  I did that for months even in the Phoenix 110 degrees everyday for months summer and In 2007, I even completed a 735 mile ride from here to Texas, taking 11 days.  I titled the ride “D-Tour” (thanks goes to Aaron Delong for the title).  Still, I never got below 280 lbs.

What’s changed?  I don’t know… I don’t know that anything has changed… I don’t know if this is short term… I don’t know if I will quit again.  Regardless – this morning I looked at the scale and it read 279.6 lbs.  And I haven’t been under 280 lbs in a very very long time.

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