How do I STOP this over-eating, under-moving, slothfulness!

This morning I weighed in at 286lbs. That’s right – I am heavier than I have been in months. Its discouraging. I would love to say I’m not quitting, but in truth I already quit – that’s why I’m here.

I have excuses – we are going into a record breaking 32 days of 110 degree+ weather. My job has increased in workload – causing me to work late nights when I had planned to be working out instead. My personal life is busier than ever as we are buying a house (closing later this month), not to mention the kids’ programs are all starting back up (cub scouts, dance, black belt club).

EXCUSES! Excuses that I use to eat myself fat. I’m over eating, and under moving. I was hitting the gym hard – which increased my appetite – then quit the gym but not the increased eating.

Is there any disciple in me? Or am I going to continue my 33 almost 34 year history of eat, watch TV, eat some more!!! How do I stop!?!?! HOW????

Its September 1st – in 26 days I will turn another year older – will I be any lighter? Am I any wiser? ARGH!

3 thoughts on “How do I STOP this over-eating, under-moving, slothfulness!

  1. Hi Dale,

    Im sorry if you feel that way. I had the same issue years ago where I don’t have enough time to workout for a healthier me because I need to go to work early and goes home late at night. What I suggest is try to ask your wife to help you discipline yourself. Like, instead of her cooking delicious foods, she should sort of deprive you from foods which are unhealthy.

    John E. Schneider
    From Diet food Delivery Miami

  2. Hi Dale – I do not know you but I can relate. Let me be self-centered for a moment … because that is how I am getting results right now.

    In high school and college (think 1995) I was a 195 lb 6’0″ dude that could lift a whole bunch of weight and knock the crap out of a baseball.

    Then real life started. I got married. We started moving around the country. Job stress was killing me. Then we started buying houses and things just kept getting more and more weird and stressful.

    At 26 I was my heaviest. I estimate I weighed about 265. I stopped getting on the scale when I bought my first pair of “40” jeans. It was not a good 265. The doctor said to me “Son, if you don’t change your ways you will likely be dead by 30.” My blood pressure was 194/130. My cholesterol was well over 200. My wife called me a “fat ass” during an argument. Something had to change.

    Later that same year, we were transfer to Phoenix and that’s when the transformation began. I quickly dropped to about 230. I was decently active with rock climbing and a little hiking and running.

    Then I became stagnant. I weighed between 220 and 230 until about 2004. I received another gift wrapped warning from a different doctor. “We need to put you on blood pressure medications.” I was 31 and my blood pressure was out of control.

    In the summer of 2004 we entered a weight loss contest at a local gym and in one glorious month where I focused on ME … I lost 30 pounds. Yep. I lost a pound per day. I came in second in the contest … but I do not recommend that level of aggressiveness.

    I gained 20 of those pounds back. Then I plateaued again. I weighed between 205 and 220 from 2005 to 2011. I was sluggish … I lacked energy. I was not happy.

    In January of this year I finally turned the corner. I weighed 223 on January 31st. Today. I weigh 189. I am BELOW my high school weight.

    What did I do? I hired a nutritionist. Started training for triathlons. I got a little selfish. Most of all, I had an attitude adjustment. 90% of this battle is mental. You have to decide that you are GOING to get the weight under control because the best diet and workout in the world will not work if the mental aspect is not in place.

    I am now training for Ironman St. George.

    There is no reason that you cannot make the change. You blog about it. You think about it all the time. You might as well turn the corner and decide the time is now and make a permanent lifestyle change.

    A former fat guy – who still has a few more pounds to shed


  3. A fellow battler here. Bryan above is correct; the battle is mental, not physical. You need to find a reason to say to yourself, every moment of the day, “Having a healthy weight is the most important thing to me.”

    Then what happens is, when you have an opportunity to go off the tracks, you can steer yourself to safety. In my case, when I’m upset or anxious (or even just bored), I want to eat. I realized that being thin and being able to wear the clothes I want to (a very narcissistic reason I know, but it works for me); and now, when I hit a potential rough spot, I can tell myself “No – being thin is more important than the momentary comfort I would get from eating”.

    Similarly, it helps me to work out – so what if it’s 1am? Getting my daily run in is more important than getting an hour’s sleep.

    And remember, even when life throws you curve balls, you can still make decisions that will help you to lose weight – e.g. if you can’t work out in hot weather, you can still choose to eat under calories. If you find yourself suffering from hunger pangs, start bulking up on empty and low calorie foods. And so on.

    Lastly, try to bear in mind that you aren’t merely looking to lose weight – you need to adjust your whole outlook on food and exercise. You are currently battling with your weight because, throughout your life, you’ve not had a psychologically healthy relationship with food and exercise; this is what you need to change – you shouldn’t just be looking to lose some weight right now (because you will only end up putting it back on again later). You should instead be looking to change your relationship with food and exercise permanently, so that you will be healthy for the rest of your life. 🙂

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