I am running a marathon – but then what?

Running the marathon has been consuming my thoughts and activities over the last few weeks and with only 8 weeks left, I’m assuming its going to become a much bigger disruption to my day to day life.

But the last several months have gone so quickly – I know the next two months will be over in a flash. The question I find myself asking is “what then?”. I train and train but in the end – its just a foot race. Once its over, will I feel different? Will I be different? Will my life by forever changed? I just don’t believe there will be a radical change because I finish a race – no matter how long it is.

So what is NEXT? Another race? A different challenge? I’ve noticed that contestants that leave NBC’s the Biggest Loser gain the weight back EXCEPT when they take jobs that require they continue to workout daily. Sione Fe is a fitness trainer. Ali Vincent is a motivational speaker talking about how to succeed. Pete Thomas is a personal trainer and motivational speaker. Many others find work in the fitness industry in order to stay fit.

My point is, once I reach this life goal to complete a marathon – I have to find the next big thing for me or I will free fall back into morbid obesity! I want to start riding my bike again. Maybe a triathlon?

Any suggestions? I’m open here…

3 thoughts on “I am running a marathon – but then what?

    1. I could agree with you IF the marathon was the goal – but its not. Its a milestone on my way to a goal – the goal to lose weight. And I have to stay focused on THAT – so I have to ask myself, after the marathon, then what?

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