I quit – and I’m not sure how to unquit

Last year I ran 14 half marathons – but I gained 40lbs doing it. I stopped writing about races (the last published post is for the 6th race out of 14!). I weight about 277lbs. I haven’t hit 280 again, but Stephanie says I’m getting bigger – if I don’t change something, I’ll be pushing 300lbs again.

But I don’t know what that something is. I’ve considered weight loss surgery. Stephanie said this weekend she would rather have a fat husband than risk surgery. I’m concerned if I don’t get my health under control – she won’t have a fat husband for much longer.

Why am I publishing this now? I think I’m reaching a tipping point – either I’ll schedule an appointment to talk to a doctor about surgery, or I’ll find some magic motivation that has eluded me for my entire adult life, OR I’ll just give up and gain weight until I end up on a TV show or dead.

I know, this is a bit morbid… (Is that a fat joke?)


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